We all see the house quilts and love them, but I've never made one , not even a single house block. So I started digging into the old books and boy oh boy  I couldn't  stop looking . And WOW, I found a house quilt with my name all over it. That was 2 weeks ago and I've went bonkers with it ever since. Yep it will have lots of color , of course, and I am having a blast with it. I will post when it's done. But  I would love to see some of your house quilts and what color schemes you went with. Hugs to all-------------------------cindy

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Hi Cindy, I love house quilts too.  Have made a few, mostly samplers with different houses.  Can't wait to see yours.

hi cindy! i am sitting here in excited anticipation to see the color marvel you are bring to the pages of My Quilt Place in the guise of a house quilt! i love house quilts too. saved lots of ideas while looking for inspiration recently. i had started a traditional red & white school house quilt, then i was told we were moving again. it became two moves. i have no idea which box in Box Mountain it's in out in my garage :((. but that's ok ...i like all the funky colorful house ideas i see on the net ...want to try something like them.

l'll send you a picture of a block...but  by p.m., as recipient can't peek yet:)

I love Flavin Glover house quilts.  Made her "Row House" for my brother - who happen to be a carpenter.  Have also made a school house for my other brother who is also a carpenter.  I'll have to hunt up some pic.  Please share yours. - Cynthia


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