Hi, Everyone!  I just joined this forum today but I've been with AQS for awhile. I started sewing when I was around 7 years old and started making quilts around 15 years ago. I became obsessed with quilting when I  purchased my longarm four years ago. I try to keep UFOs to a minimum but, as I'm sure you all can relate to, there's always another quilt that sneaks in there somehow that must take priority. My latest quilt in progress is a twin size for my mother who just moved into a personal care home. It's waiting to be pinned to the longarm.

I tried to upload a photo to use as my avatar but any that I try don't work. I checked the number of MB and that's OK. Anyone have any ideas on what the problem might be?

Thanks for your help!

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welcome to MQP, hope you enjoy the groups, jump in and join any discussion in any group or start a new discussion. at the top of every page you will find headers for "groups" "discussions" "blogs" etc ...
much of this may be redundent for you as you seem to have already figured out where to go to change your avatar. some members seem to have difficulty with using large images. small pixels is best. then move around and select the area you want to show. here is a link to a discussion for changing avatars here at MQP.

in upper right corner of your home page or any page you have open on My Quilt Place there is a box w several different items to click on.
....sign out
....friends (emails & friend requests)
click on settings ..it will take you to a page w all the information you provided when you set up your My Quilt Place account.

in the middle of the page you will see first, your current profile image/picture. next to the image you'll see choices ...
Edit current photo…
Upload a new photo (GIF, JPG or PNG; limit 10MB)
beneath "upload new photo" there is a shaded box that says choose file. click on that. a popup menu appears that gives choice to either "take photo or video" or "choose existing". click on "choose existing" & a menu of photos from your computer or ipad or whatever you are working with will pop up. scroll thru this menu until you find the pic you want to use as your profile pic.

that will take a little time if image large. may not work if image too large. i think it depends on your device, some people have no problems, some people can't get image they want to load at all. when your image is in the preview box there is a line square over it. w touch screen or curser move the square till it frames the best looking portion of the image you want to use as your new profile picture.

select "save" and you are done.

Thanks, Rogue. I finally found out that the problem was in using the laptop. Maybe it has something to do with Internet Explorer. So I emailed the photo to myself from the laptop and was able to upload it from my iPad. Sheesh--- computers!  Gotta love them.

tho i haven't tried posting to MQP fr pc in recent months i never had any issues. i use mozilla there, i never use IE. mostly i post, as now, from ipad w safari. but you may be correct in your thought that your problem was w IE, several other members have had issues w IE & posting to MQP also. when they switch to mozilla or safari they have no further problems. i think maybe the site wasn't thoroughly tested across the spectrum of browsers when it was first launched. the site has been up for a few years (march 2011) and was put together in a bit of a rush i think. computer interaction functionality differs from one group to another. you can't post pics except to your album from ipad, in some groups you can't post even jpeg link w ipad, some groups you can post jpeg but no pic with any mobile device. w time you'll figure where & which. but still, w all the flukes, this is the most fun & socialially interactive quilt social networking forum i have found on the net. tho i did find another new one recently, this is still the tops for fun. the Powers that Be, will get around to updating the programming one of these days and it will be even more fun, especially for those of us too lazy to go upstairs to do uploads via computer :)).

as i've explored the site and pushed all the buttons just to see what they do, & since i got my ipad & found how much more fun it is to just sit down when i'm in & have a few minutes to play i have learned a lot about site. here is another discussion link. this one deals w navigating the site. ignore all typos! when i first got my ipad, birthday gift from hubs & my darlin' son, it took me a while to learn all it's pretty toys too, like turn off spell check. then a while longer to learn to proof read everything because of touch screen issues lollol! so, enjoy and have fun here. there are soooo many wonderful fun quilters, knitters, gardeners and there are fabulous commercial quilt artitst among our member ship who join in and chat, post thier latest creations & share a little of their techniques. be sure to check out the videos a few have posted. we have two or three members who were winners in paduca this year. so, welcome aboard to you and all our other new members!



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