Hi everyone i'm from northern ontario canada. the winters are very long, our summers are great and full of bugs. id love to make a mosquito  wall hanging, maybe just one large one for the camp. anybody have ideas?  ive been making quilts since i was 10 years and still have lots to learn. very limited on fabric up here,  mail order may be my next bet. anyways hope to hear from all of you .

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Thanks for that.

You will appreciate this - Lenny

i do & i did. loved this. i read a bit of your blog the other night. i have degenerative spinal disease & am currently experiencing the first major extension/exacerbation in quite a few years. one forgets the intensity of the pain that accompanies. ergo, am spending a LOT of time, currently, wrapped in heating pad. and, sooo enjoy reading quilt blogs, along w my usual world news etc on my i-pad. therefore :)), your blog has now been added to the yellow pad list of reads when i am just too miserable to empathize w grief & agony that the world inflicts upon itself.

....and i LOVED dh w rotary cutter. tho my engineer has such a healthy respect for tools, i have never suffered the things many quilters seem to lol. but, even my best friend, i brought her new scissors & gave my tape measure while visiting last year. even the adult grgrandkids are now "borrowing" the tape measure for "a minute, nana?" :))

Thanks again. I bought a drill press specifically for drilling the acrylic for my fiber and photograph pieces and my adult son thinks it is the best thing ever. Just last night there were metal shavings flying out at me while he "borrowed" it! Luckily he can't carry it out of the studio!

l think if a bunch of us emailed Pat Sloan of Quilt Radio on allpeoplequilt.com, she would interview Ann on the air. That would get the ball rolling!

In 1998 I was featured on Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel. I think that was my 15 minutes of fame!!

You all are very kind but really there are hundreds of other fiber artists/quilt makers whose work puts mine to shame and they are probably much more interesting AND I just don't have a voice for radio! I have three deadlines approaching (I'm spending too much time and having too much fun on this pc), I could go on and on with excuses reasons!

l know what you mean, Ann. lf l spent the time sewing/cutting that l spend on here, l'd probably have more quilting done. But quantity isn't as good as quality...and l find that this site is not only entertaining, but very educational. Plus, as you've probably noticed, we can spark our imaginations playing ideas off each other, helping us solve our various problems, whether that be artistic interpretation, or troubleshooting sewing machine issues:)

agree w you as usual riana. and she's right ann, yeah this place is a lot of fun, time consuming, habit forming --- all of the above. but we have learned a lot from each other too. quilting techniques, current fads- i had never heard of the dissappearing 9/4 patch before seeing & hearing of it here. we play and learn, then go and do. you'll see :)) ...ya sorta get a rythym for it .....play, go create ...share ...andagain. sure glad you came to play with us!!

Thank you. I'm off to go create today!

Take good care.

Work on quilts will have to sit today.  Due to too much rain this last spring, a major infestation of irritants--weeds and long rooted grass--invaded my gardens.  The flowers are obscrured to the nth degree by the invaders.  Why do weeds and grass assume that they have a God-given right to argue with my flowers over who should occupy the space?  The sun is very bright, sky's clear, temperature just right, black flies at a minimum, digging drawing my attention more strongly than  needling!   Water not yet warm enough to swim in, or to ski on.  The Sunday paper has been read,  Bob Schieffer's reports on the flight of that Snowden guy are over, too early for dinner.  So, the choice of eradicating weeds, transplanting flowers lures, dragging me kicking, and screaming with joy to the outside.   Soaking up my ration of Vitamin D is an inexpensive benefit to help my bones retain the needed mass so that I may sit for hours of sewing without a break.  Rain tomorrow which means that I shall have to stay inside to do neglected housework, but needling will keep me in stitches.  There is always the next tomorrow for house work! 

oh yes! always, always another tomorrow for housework! and then....all of a sudden ...OMG!! they're going to be here day after tomorrow?!?! OH NO!! ok...i can do this! several months of cleaning that was left until tomorrow. another few inches of furball fluf mixed w pretty colored threads that have accumulated since the last time they were swept up as needed, because so deep i was tripping :)).
....and i did! and we had such a great time! wineing, dining chatting.... and tomorrw will rain, and day after tomorrow. and day yadayadayada....and i think y'all know what i will be inside doing ....and it ain't housecleaning :))

As it is with you, I shall be kept in stitches.  

Check out Helen Thorn's patterns.  http://www.pinetreelodge.net/minnesota.html  Minnesota Memories has lots of "up north" details, including a mosquito.


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