Hi everyone i'm from northern ontario canada. the winters are very long, our summers are great and full of bugs. id love to make a mosquito  wall hanging, maybe just one large one for the camp. anybody have ideas?  ive been making quilts since i was 10 years and still have lots to learn. very limited on fabric up here,  mail order may be my next bet. anyways hope to hear from all of you .

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i agree jennifer. i have been making notes on the "yellow pad" on my ipad, saving link to quilt or discussion that gave the idea. also saving pics of quilting ideas and unusual block use in ipad photos. i have found the ipad to be such a handy tool with my quilting eetc. when looking for patterns for authentic 1800's prairie sunbonnets, i saved pics of bonnets and patterns and then had the ipad set up to view and copy what i saw in the images as i worked. then putting a scrap quilt together...i washed (gently w color catcher sheets) the blocks of 25x25 2" sq, i had taken a pic of the blocks as they were placed on my design wall of felt hung over deck door. then after washing and pressing etc, i used the pic on my ipad to ensure correct placement of blockes as i assembled the top. i love scrap quilting. but i am such a control personality...i do controlled chaos, instead of random placement. lol works for me and i get results i am happy with. i also used it while assembling the d9p quilts for my grd for xmas. i wasn't happy with the appearance of just cut and turn once...i needed more defined appearance to my intended scrap look. oh yes, i couldn't agree with you more...notes and pics to record my design ideas the inspiration sources et al.

btw, i have been to your etsy page a few times. you create such clever and delightful products. and of course i love the title of "curlicue creations".

Awww!  Thank you so much.  I only wish I had the time to get everything organized and into the shop!  I have so many ideas that have not been patterned, and so little time with my 3 boys.  I love them all but...this morning they had a 2 hour delay for school b/c of freezing rain, one spilled a glass of juice, then another spilled a glass of milk to be like the first one!

before etsy, pinterest etc etc..my best freind and i decided we were going to sell some of our quilting, knitting dolls etc etc on a web site that we would build...she knew some basic html...my son is a mega talented programmer. we weren't sure about how to go a out charging collecting, this was tje beginning time of paypal, etc etc and so we sat and quilted knitted had grbabies and let the idea slide. she has been asking me lately if i would be interested. no..since i have taken on this place and all the repairs, rebuilds, terraforming in addition to the pruning irrigating maintenance, my quilt knit whatever time is my leisure escape...i don't want to take my few hours a month of pleasure and turn it into a job - another job. she lives in an apartment, knows what i do, agrees it would be a lot of work maintaining enough inventory to garner interst and repeat interest. so, she w the help of her son who also works in computer graphics industry (lollol she and i got really lucky in the son department ) can help her. she used to work on line with translations so the site could be multilingual, tho with google language thingy that's not a big deal anymore.

so, bottom line - i admire the effort you put into site and the quality of creativity and design. i did notice that quantity is low...but then, there is that time thing again which haunts all of us creative entreprenures. i wish you well with it and in time you will figure out a time management system that allows you to add to on-line inventory and variety and tend to day to day life too. it isn't easy..i know. i did commission work off and on for years. no more.

Oh for sure it is a lot of work, but it is so worth it to me.  I get to share my creative ideas with others, and I feel useful at the same time!  I know when my 3rd son starts school I will have a lot more time to devote to it, so I am using these years as building, growing, and learning time.  Even with the little time I have, I am getting satisfaction, b/c I am seeing things slowly build and improve day by day.  So far, this chapter of my life has been very rewarding.

i sorta wish etsy had been available years ago. like you i loved sharing. i made toys and soft sculpture dolls, quilts etc for friends and family. i think my friend should seriously consider etsy instead of trying to run her own site. there was quite an extensive and interesting article about how to succeed on etsy that i read yesterday. i can't remember now which q mag it was in, but, as i said, it was really informative and if i were or could do it i think i would. inventory is my biggest concern though. i do so wish i could just sit and create! :)) i was reading comments on main page this a.m. and saw your post for the n carolina group...but she has it set to private i guess, cause i couldn't read anything on the group page. but you mentioned that you and hubby were renovating an old farmhouse? our last one was from 1870's. had been modified by former owners (bedroom added)& my husbands family over the course of the 79years of their occupancy. we redid all the water lines fr the main thru the house and yard and gardens. lot of rewiring, and had put foundation under it and tore off the old bathroom which had been the back porch deck before they brought plumbing indoors sometime in the twenties. i was planning the logistics for where to put furniture etc and prepping to tear out living room the summer my husband decided he didn't like me there alone, his two day commute once a month to came home for weekend & put the place on the market :(( ..so, now i have a house that is only 30 years old with, seemingly, a lot more problems than the old farmhouse did and i just never seem to catch up...and he isn't interested in working on it on his days off. an oh well thing lollol ..so, i paint caulk dig glue whatever and quilt in between times...if i'm not so tired i can't see to work. summers are worst...i start 5:30 go till almost dark...i need to maintain what i have recovered yard wise as well as continue reclaiming, etc yard grounds, siding etc. i told him he can never retire...i need his pay check for my tools and supplies :)) ....and i figure i have earned every inch of fabric thread etc i buy :)) lollol

and i have a green house story for you...will write you later :))

Hi Laurie I just noticed your post while browsing on MQP. Hope your still checking in. It's a nice site with useful tips ect. I live in Ont as well not quite as far as you I guess I'm just North of Barrie. I do a bit of internet shopping from the US. prices are half the price of Canadian.

Hi Laurie, glad to meet you.  I am in Enid Oklahoma but hope to be in Appleton MN within the next 2 years.  Part of my family came from the Ontario area - the Milne's and the Wetherston's.  Around the Toronto area from what I have been told - some distant relatives still there.  I used to live across from there in the USA - Buffalo, Rochester areas... 

Again, glad to meet you  and God bless, Thea

Good Morning Laurie, I live in 1000 Islands area of Ontario.  WELCOME to one of the nicest places on the web for Quilters and crafters alike.  I too have limited fabric outlets, but, if you look or ask on KIJIJI for your area possibly you'll find someone in your area that is giving away fabric either from their stash or because they just do not sew or quilt anymore.  I sew a lot for charity and all of my donated fabrics go into those little quilts for children in our surrounding area hospitals.

Anytime you find yourself in my area of Ontario, send me a message you'd be very welcome here.  

The people who frequent this wonderful Quilt place make this a special place to belong among.  Sorry I haven't any ideas to help you with your mosquito quilt, but possibly you could do a Bug in a jar quilt, after all we do have a good assortment of bugs in our area, don't we?

Stop by often and again WELCOME

I have been following the chatting for some time.  It is grand to have a pen/quilting pal from that area of Canada

My home is about 30 miles west from New Brunswick, probably 75 or 100 miles south from Quebeque.  There are many quilters in this area, both in Maine and in NB.  There is quite a bit of interaction.  "Back when", before the demarcation line was drawn between Lord Ashburton, and Dan'l Webster in 1845, Acadian families dominated the area.  The line was drawn by those two men, who never paid attention to the fact that the demarcation line would split up the famililes living in that area.  Of course, the questions we live with now had not arisen, and, who cared if the French families were inconvenienced?   That question just never arose.   For years people on both sides of the border crossed back and forth with little, if any flak.  Now, as a result of all the new immigration laws enacted because of the 9/ll blast, impediments to easy crossings have made current crossings a nightmare.   It is fairly easy for Americans to cross the border into Canada, but coming back, and for Canadian visitors coming in, the unwritten law at the crossing points is that "You are guilty until proven innocent"!   Yet, the Canadian visitors still come, and contacts between Canadian and American quilters will never cease.  This area, regardless of what location your home is in, is quite remote.  It is a beautiful area, even in the winter.  The people are hardy, high spirited, and wonderful neighbors.  If any of you who read this message would like a fascinating place to visit, a place not found in many travel brochures, come here for a peaceful time while you fish, ski, go to museums, just drive around to take in all the beauty, and take time out to work on a quilt this is the place to come.  Oh, yes, we have mosquitoes, live ones, but no pictures of one, bring bug dope.  Not the other kind of dope!   By the way, What did the dope addict say to the waitress when she set a pitcher of Maine maple syrup before him?   "That'll sweeten the pot!"

Dana I take it you live in Maine?  I used to go across the border at St. Stephens, N.B. and shop for fabric at Mardens' which I loved and spent as long as I could in their fabric department.  IT IS the place to shop for fabrics and still be able to go wild without hurting the $ in the wallet......

I moved from N.B. in 2008 up here to the 1000 Islands, I mean I had to move up so made certain it was to a place as beautiful as where it was I moved from.  I spent manys' a day and night travelling around Maine.  Forget the bug juice you need something for those BIG Moose who seem to remember the land belongs to them and we're the trespassers....LOL

ANY time you want a retreat from your surroundings, I have room for 2 quilters and loads of electrical outlets for those sewing machines and tons of food put up in the freezer to feed anyone who'd love to just get away but not without their sewing machine and latest projects......  ANYONE is the quilting world is welcome at my house, I love the most generous and considerate people in the whole world......

Mitts your an amazing woman to be so generous to open you your home to other quilters I live in Kanata (Ottawa) I've always wanted to know what it's like to live around that area. Our LQS had a retreat last fall (first time for me) and we looked out onto the lake it was so beautiful it was hard to concentrate on the sewing with the view.

Yes, I live in Aroostook County.  You are right to shop at Marden's.  There are several locations of Marden's stores throughout Maine.  Their flagship store is in Waterville, and their selection there is larger than that in Presque Isle.  They got into selling fabrics many years ago, not long after the chain was established.  One of the Marden's daughters fancied fine fabrics, and did a grand job selecting fabrics, making sure that Marden's offered high quality selections.  She has passed on.  I don't know who buys their fabrics now, but that person carries out the Marden's daughter's philosophy very well.  

You can also find fabrics at the Wal-Mart in Presque Isle, but the quality is not always as high as one might prefer.  However, if one hits it at the right time, she may find just what she wants.  There is another fabric store in Presque Isle.  It is a small mother-daughter, plus relatives, who run that store.  If you are headed north through Presque Isle, and see a Chinese restaurant on the left, look further to the left, and you will find the store within that shopping complex.  The ladies who run it will make you feel at home in a home-like setting as soon as you enter.  So, if you should return to this area, try out those places as well.

I live about 10 miles west of Presque Isle.  Deer, moose, bear, racoons, foxes, turkeys, scores of wild life are constantly trespassing, and traipsing over my land.  I am not able to grow Swiss chard because if the deer get there first, they eat it.  If the moose get a head start, they eat it! One time my mother, who gardened until she was 94, went to her garden, and found that all those rows of corn whe had planted, and weeded with a spade and a hoe were flattened!  Bear had eaten the ears of corn, and we had only two ears for all her labor.   So much for putting up winter's provisions When I have told this to some locals they ask, "Are you sure that bear ate the corn? Racoons also eat corn."  I reply, "Yes, bear ate the corn.  Racoons don't leave plops that big!"

Many, many thanks for the invitation.  Usually when I do extensive traveling I go south as my sons and daughters live in New Hampshire, Boston, Connecticut, Washington, DC, and in China.  It has been a desire of mine to drive through Canada to Alaska sometime.  I have been to Alaska, once, and would love to go again.  This time, instead of hopping to on a plane, I would like to dash over Canada's terraine.  If there comes a time when my dream can be realized, I shall be very happy to join with you.


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