Hi everyone i'm from northern ontario canada. the winters are very long, our summers are great and full of bugs. id love to make a mosquito  wall hanging, maybe just one large one for the camp. anybody have ideas?  ive been making quilts since i was 10 years and still have lots to learn. very limited on fabric up here,  mail order may be my next bet. anyways hope to hear from all of you .

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hi laurie, not as far out in the wilds as you, but because of the construction work the company dh works for, we aren't, usually well placed for shopping . which is ok for me. but fabric is a must. been ordering kits packets et fr connecting thread for yrars, couple of winters ago dh & i hit every store one hour east then west of us...finally took the plungs..ordered fr connecting threads. good quality fabric. nice "hand" hardly faded at all (it was a dark eggplant color). buy all my sewing thread from them, and my hand quilting thread, valdani, from guy in new york state who's wife is a commercial long arm quilter who was having diff finding her thread, so he started a home business. he is sooo nice. talked to a local quilter in the post office here this a.m. and she is born & raised here, said that she has been quilting for years and it has never been easy to find fabric or thread here. i told her i couldn't find hand quilting thread at all. dh and i hit every fab & sew mach store in ...again..one hour drive east of us and then west of us...east is 55mi to townwest is 45m to shopping area in town to the west. we were passing out flyers for little quilt show put on vy one of the q groups i belong to. so..we also used the time to explore our new home regions quilting accessory for my little addiction. none carried hand quilting thread. this was 4 yrs ago, i have gone almost exclusive mail order for fabric and thread. no probs so far...knock-on-wood!! lollol

Hi Laurie, I'm in  Australia and order online, mainly Hancocks of Paducah (Sometimes free ship) Bug Fabric, Equilter, there are heaps and just great. Also get all my threads online, have a longarm and love the glide, rasant and so Fine.

Hi Laurie nice to meet you I'm in Ottawa, Ontario hope you will have lots of fun on here, and I'd also suggest you sign up for the Canadian Group that is on here as well. At the moment we are doing a FQ swap for Christmas it's too late for this year but I'm sure there will be more stuff going on in the New Year.

We can also help you with some good website's for fabric too!


Good chilly Saturday to you all, I too am a new girl on this site and I am from the eastern portion of the Province of Ontario.  I am self taught and have been quilting steadily since 1992, from a kitchen table to a sewing studio and back to a kitchen space again.  Currently I am working on matching place mats with table topper.  The picture attached is of the table topper.  I chose this theme because of the red cardinals who visit with me each day this winter.  Sorry I have been trying to make the photo smaller, it just isn't happening at the moment.

welcome to mqp! and don't worry...the site is pretty good avout getting the image to fit. on this site, too, if you see a pic and want to look at it more closely, just click on it and it will open in another page at tje size it was uploaded in.

i love cardinals too. ohio, kentucky, new jersey, pennsylvania...they decorated the snow covered bare branches like bright red ornaments in the wooded areas around my homes. they would sit on the bean supports in my garden and feed their young. the bright color, the sweet song...oh i do so miss my cardinals!

Well Rogue, thank you so very much for the warm welcome and the assurances about picture sizing, it is worrisome when you first join a site and step out on the ledge, before you've really gotten your wings!  Lol

I must agree, those red cardinals do it for me in the feather department, though must confess, I love all of those friends who visit at my bird feeders.  Seeing as I just moved here to this neighborhood I am excited about just how many different varieties I shall be privileged to have visit with me.  Lately because of the feathered friends who visit my fabric selections definitely reflect them.  

Thank you again for the warm welcome, it is very much appreciated. 

which province is seelys' bay? if you are in the east, and i don't know the range of many of the songbirds. but another favorite of mine was the eastern blue jay. i love the western stellar jay...huge beautiful bird of dark blue and black...raucous call tho. but the colors i love. but the eastern blue jay is such a clown. and has a nice range of call from the usual rocous jay call to a really cute little warble. i had one in new jersey, that would sit on another bean support and yak at the cardinal family as they fed their young. and he would also really get into teasing squirrels my cat. he was the funniest guy! i love oriols too. they are just so beautifully elegant. and i do have those where i am now. seasonal...not uear rounfpd as they seemed to be in pennsylvania.

this place is such a wonderful on-line community of talented caring quilters, both male and female. conversations frequently go off subject in group comments, but that is ok...lollol i read your book discussion too. my reading genre is military sci fi, i don't post in the "books group" because my tastes are not reflected in any of the discussions i have read there. but i almost commented on your note...books we are reading and sharing don't have to be quilting oriented. have fun...did you go to the "groups" page...there are quite a few pages there. lots of groups and not all about quilting. i love this site. it is my go to when i need a break from my labors here, or as now, when forcing self to sit and rest and get over a very bad viral illness.

so again welcome! have fun...looking forward to seeing more of your quilts and anything else you want to share as photo subject matter.

Hope you are feeling better soon!  Are you able to quilt?  That is the best therapy for me.

thanks jennifer. i tried working on my current applique. decided it didn't look too bad. couple days later..looked again..took it all out. carefully. so i can use the pieces again...scrapping means limited inventory, but i have plenty of background fabric i bought for this quilt. like the flu, eyes blurry watery itchy...difficult to read too. but on the mend i think...till i get up this a.m. doesn't seem to take much to knock me back down again. oh well....it will end, i know it will...just takes me a bit longer to get over stuff than other people sometimes because of other underlying health issues.

Oh my!  That is no fun.  I hate ripping out.  It sounds like you need to just rest up and get better.  I'm not good at resting.  It makes me stir crazy.  At least you have all of us to talk to online.  I hope it helps a little bit.  Sending you love, prayers, and good thoughts.

i have always found it more difficult to stay down quiet and rest that to go on long hike w backpack filled with cameras food and water!! lollol that said, yes, the friendly give and take, the quilts in progress...this place is great in taking ones mind off physical discomfort and nagging illness. looking at all the beautiful quilts in the gallery is nice too...albeit, tends to make me more & more antsy to get up and carry out all the new ideas darting around in my head! :))

Maybe this is a good time to record some of those ideas in a journal before they escape into the dreamland.  That's what seems to happen to my ideas if I don't write them down somewhere right away...sigh!


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