Hi everyone i'm from northern ontario canada. the winters are very long, our summers are great and full of bugs. id love to make a mosquito  wall hanging, maybe just one large one for the camp. anybody have ideas?  ive been making quilts since i was 10 years and still have lots to learn. very limited on fabric up here,  mail order may be my next bet. anyways hope to hear from all of you .

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Sheila, while my spot in this wonderful part of eastern Ontario does not look out over Lower Beverly Lake it is still beautiful and I am so willing to share it with others.  At night you can hear the sounds of Loons in the distance, sometimes when it has rained you can hear the crickets and frogs all singing in unison and I am simply enthralled with it all.  Any time you wish to experience this, then bring a friend and come on down, nothing here bites other than the mosquito's LOL.  I remember my First retreat in Minnesota, I drove there by myself from Saint John, NewBrunswick, and believe me that is a long journey and people were aghast that I would do this.  To leave my home alone and go amongst people I had only met over the computer, well, no one took a Rotary Cutter to me, I was made welcome as I visited other members of the quilt community along the way and on my return home and it was the first and best experience I ever had travelling.  I have been on several retreats since and with the same happy conclusion.  Quilters throughout this beautiful world of ours are a special breed, generous to a fault.  I have yet to have made the acquaintance of a quilter who didn't live up to my beliefs of the community.  The more you meet the happier your life is, especially as I am a single pensioner and while careful, I have no paranoia with Quilters.   Thanks for your lovely comments, they are much appreciated.


Hey there again Laurie, I have searched but could not really find a Mosquito quilt block, but did find these happy fellows which you might be able to enlarge and add as a center focal piece in a wall hanging - just a thought.....

Truly these might be fun to recreate....LOL

What a laff!  Are you sure that the characters portrayed aren't the black flies which populate northern New England?   When those guys bite, they take out a chunk of skin!

Hi Laurie,

I guess you aren't new here any longer (I am) but I thought I would offer this up - Though there is a fantastic and huge quilt shop just 10 blocks from my home (and I do shop there) I buy Pima cotton PFD (Prepared for dyeing) on-line (Dharma Trading) and paint what ever I need for my quilts. And if a commercial fabric isn't quite right, I paint that too!

I know that idea isn't for everyone but it works for me and it is so much fun!

Welcome Ann Scott, your not going to be new for very long, and you PAINT?  Now you cannot tell us this and not share some of your work, can you?   Seriously, you do paint on your fabric, I cannot even paint my nails properly, painting fabric would be a disaster for me, but I have several years ago now taken part in a huge painted fabric mural....but nothing too demanding because it was at a show where everyone could participate....I got myself a few daubs on that mural nothing more.  So your statement about painting fabric is of interest, won't you tell us and share some photo's?

See no longer are you NEW....WELCOME

Hi Mitts,

Well, I don't make (and never did paint fabric for) large quilts any longer. Lap size some times but I don't usually paint fabric specifically for them. I have looked at your quilts and we are talking about a lot more yardage!

I think if you click on my name it should take you to my profile and there you will see some of my work - Or stop by my website - Fiber Designs by Ann for my art quilts/mixed media/Blog and videos. That should give you some idea of what I create. I hope you won't be sorry you asked and if there is anything in particular about painting fabric you'd like to know (at least the way I do it) please ask away.

Quilting Away, (Actually, right now I'm off to bed!)


go to jer site mitts, you will LOVE it!,

her photo page here at mqp (hope ya don't mind my tootin' your horn for ya ann :))!)


these are so incredible!! i could & do, wander in here over & over again!


Thank you. I think I may scan some (before digital camera) quilt photos. It is fun to be able to look back and see how I've grown (or should I say "How I've spread!").

tho i am in no way on a level w you or linda poole, quezecoatl or any number of well known/lesser known quilt artists/designers, but for many years i have photographed all of my creations, from quilts to dolls whatever. at the insistence of ddhubbs. the same guy, who for the first few of our job related moves after we married, complained "are you taking all that stuff again? why?!?? you never do anything w it!" this when he saw the packers loading my yarns, PILES of fabric :)), penelope cloth, wools ... then he started paying attention to the little pretties that my new in-laws started recieving as gifts. listening to the various exclamations of surprise & delight. "you made that?!" started really looking at what i did w all that "stuff", had co-workers asking him how much it would cost to have me knit for them the kinds of colorful winter gear they saw he and my son wearing :)) "did you take a picture?" to this day, even a little thread catcher, before it leaves "our" possession, is to be photographed. one his grm & his grgrmother were needle workers, but i don't think he ever noticed as a child. so take pics. your fabric artistry is wonderful, unique & highly saleable. leave a record for your family. would love to see more of your sons' work too. my son started his computer career w degree in computer graphics & design. i am so thankful that i still have some of his pre & post degree work, as he has just continued to move forward, tossing old & continuing into new areas/ideas. and then he became as fascinated by the code he used to drive his videos. no more art. just pages & pages & pages of coding. another form of art.

and i agree w riana - i think designing fabric, you should approach or research whom to approach, w samples/photos of your fabric. its so wonderful.

I  have done some fabric painting in the past, but it does not draw my devotion as highly as does composing fabric picture quilts utilizing the compositions on fabrics found here and there.   Years ago I painted on porcelain, and was fascinated with that form of painting.  Porcelain artists have more surfaces, and a greater number of techniques with which to work than do those who work on canvas, paper, or fabric.  Resuming my quilting activities after a fifty, plus year hiatus, due to the demands of a large family, a farm, teaching, running a fabric store, quilting has  lured me as strongly as an addict to drugs!  Oh, I always had quilts started, then had to relegate them to the status of stored UFO's to make clothing for the kids, and to take part in too many activities, I began to seriously quilt again.  Always, I had planned upon finishing the quilts which had been started long ago, but were destroyed when my home burned to the ground.  I lost quilts made by both grandmothers, as well as the ones I hoped to finish--sometime.  

Most amazing was seeing all the tools quilters have which had never been thought up when I began quilting at the age of nine.  Back then scissors, tape measures, wooden rulers, thimbles, home made templates, pencils, a paucity of any kind of fabric, were the only tools available.  Most usually, quilts were made by old ladies down at the church, or, in whatever space for sewing of any sort at home was done--after the day's household duties were an accomplished fact.  My mother would watch me as I cut out quilt pieces.  She never cared for quilting, but her mother was an expert.  Mother would say, "Oh, what my mother would have given to have had all those tools!"  Gram made her quilts out of whatever fabric she could find.  Each one a work of art.

I have little patience with people who sit around complaining of nothing to do!  There is never a lack of things to do, merely the time to do them in!  Quilting is an excellent activity, and if quilted items are given as gifts, the quilt-giver knows that the recipient has a unique treasure to be cherished for life.  Best of all, if the quilted item has been carefully cared for, it will see several generations of heartfelt joy. 

esuming quilting

wonderful note. brought out the images stored in my mind of farm estate auctions the hubs & i attended over the years of our ramblings. beautiful handmade quilts displayed on absolutely the LONGEST clothes lines this country girl of family of seven ever saw. and glad i never had to fill!! lol and the quilt making tools i found in boxes. templates cut from vinyl flooring, heavy cardboard. hand written notes passed between fellow quilters re: the pattern that would be attached. i have my grmothers tops and the quilt she made that was on my bed during the years i lived w her. and was on my bed up till the time i married.

my first nursing supervisor was a wonderful person. i admired her so. and from her i learned my favorite words - ones my son, as he grew, came to loath! lollol "there is never nothing to do" i've added my own saying now.."i don't have time to be bored". :))

and one last thought on those that recieve hand made gifts, be they quilts or whatever. i have read many sad tales from other quilters, both here at mqp, & on the Board. not all rcipients are grateful, appreciative or even politely gracious. and now i have one of these personalities in my extended family. it is sad, but so very true. they are out there!

i just ignore 'em. life too short.

Nicely said.


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