Hi everyone i'm from northern ontario canada. the winters are very long, our summers are great and full of bugs. id love to make a mosquito  wall hanging, maybe just one large one for the camp. anybody have ideas?  ive been making quilts since i was 10 years and still have lots to learn. very limited on fabric up here,  mail order may be my next bet. anyways hope to hear from all of you .

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Hi,    Yes I know what you mean, being an Alaskan quilter. I think I saw a 'Mosquito" on the front page of "Nature"

magazine. Maybe you could get a back issue and trace it; then maybe enlarge and apply? Be aware of copyright.

or on your favorite search engine click on 'photos' enter mosquito or whatever in search bar and then search. any photos you bring up will be available to use w/out worry about copy right issues...unless there is a specific note on the website re: such. to ck that...when you click on link [if any] under photo it will take you to wevsite where search engine found it. i use several search engines...all spiders like google but i have a thing about google and don't use it lolollollollol

I am very curious.  How have you been coming along with your desire to make a mosquito wall hanging?  The suggestions have been good, interesting, and, have they been of help to you?

on the mail order. do not know, of course, your fabric style preferences. the only mail order that i have done is a couple of stores that i have found online and contacted because i needed large quantity [i.e. - bolt] and connecting threads catalogue. their fabric is nice wt, even weave, not much fade except the usual with dark - black etc. good variety of styles prints. just thought i would add that thought here to your mosquito discussion.

and i too am curious how it is going...do want to see it ...maybe you could do a running blog on it...keep us up to date as you work on it. should be fun to follow you along on your buggy adventure :)).

To Laurie, our Canadian pen pal:

Try this e-mail address for Keepsake Quilting in Centre Harbor, New Hampshire:


When I visit my daughter down in New Hampshire, I usually take a side trip to Keepsake Quilting.  Its location is an eight hour drive from my home, but very well worth it.  They have a huge selection of excellent fabrics, and the variety is excellent.  I plan to spend several hours just perusing their offerings.  I go around and around several times as each time there is something I missed from the previous round.  When it comes time to settle up I find the "Hired Hands" to be much fun, and very pleasant to talk to.  Upon occasion I also place orders over the phone, and the people on their line are friendly, very helpful.  Sometimes I have only an idea of what I want, describe the idea to the one on the phone.  She sends me samples of what she thinks will suit my desire, and if something among that which was sent satisfies my idea of what I want to do, I place an order from that.  Always my shopping experiences with them are true joys.   

I so agree!  I have never had the opportunity to visit the Keepsake Quilting shop, but receiving their catalog in the mail is one of my favorite joys!  I just love looking at the endless supply of beautiful fabrics they offer.  I have ordered from them many, many times, and have always been happy with the service and quality.


Curlicue Creations

Here is another fabric source you can try:  Portsmouth Fabric Co. in Portsmouth, NH


I visit this store just about every time I visit my daughter who lives in southern NH,  a 7 hour trip for me, one way.  Their store is jammed with all sorts of fabrics, and it is much fun to shop there.  Their personnel are very friendly, helpful, full of fun

They have many fabrics with animals and bugs printed upon them.  Give them a try.  By the way, their phone # is:


Hi Laurie.  I have the same issues.  I live in Muskoka and I feel isolated too.  Not much else to do when the bugs are out, so quilt, quilt, quilt.  I try to shop local, the the pocket does not always allow it.  Fabric and thread is so expensive in Canada.  I only buy on sale, otherwise its mailorder for me. I am also doing quilts for a living.

This is my website http://madeinmuskoka.com/sew_krafty

Several years ago I had a fabric shop in Caribou, Maine.  Caribou is less than 15 miles from the border with New Brunswick.  I was amazed by the number of Canadian people who came to my store looking for machines, notions, and fabric.  Even with the customs fees they had to pay to get purchased items back over the border, the prices they paid me were less than what they would have to pay had those same items been bought in Canada!  And, the dollar exchange was not that favorable for Canadians at that time.   Customers told me that the same fabrics I sold for 5 and 6 dollars a yard ran to over 10 and 12 dollars a yard in New Brunswick.  I never could comprehend why fabrics were so high there.  Perhaps the import taxes imposed by the Canadian government raised the prices.

I am hoping that more Canadian people will find fabrics at reasonable costs.  Prices for Cotton fabrics should not be exorbitant in Canada.  It is too cold to grow cotton anywhere in Canada, and cotton can be grown only within a few states in the USA.  If the Canadian government is imposing high tariffs to protect Canadian farmers, a question is begged--where are those farmers that the import duties were imposed to protect?   If the cotton in the fabrics offered was grown in Egypt, or in some of the other mid-eastern countries, I can see why there are higher prices for that commodity.  At any rate, it is an interesting question to be posed to those in charge of setting up import duties--if such a person(s) can be found.  

Make the best of what you can get, and praise your fabric sources so that you may continue to engage in a most satisfying vocation, or avocation.  It will keep you in stitches--a dire need in difficult times.

Dana Allison

I think it's a combination, shipping, customs brokers, custom fees, taxes, and then the owner has to get their cut.  But from my experiences buying anything from ebay etc... shipping costs vary so much some people seem to tack on expensive handling charges as well.  It isn't cheap just to mail something these days, and it does take time to package stuff, but it's still hard to swallow.  I know a lot of people that will only buy online, one lady from my part of Canada goes to the US quite often and buys a lot of her fabric there still.  I support my local quilt stores regardless of the price of fabric.  I even have to drive a good 45 minutes to some of my favorites.  And I feel it worth it, even spending anywhere from $15-20/metre, and a metre is 4" bigger than a yard,  You get the inspiration, encouragement, advice, customer service from a good quilt store, not to mention selection as well.

Do you belong to The American Quilters' Society?  Somehow or another that organization is tied in with another named, "Connecting Threads".  I get two or three catalogues a year from them, and like all they offer.  I also get e-mails from that outfit.  In a message received today I see that that company is having a sales event.  This might be a good time to be in contact with Connecting Threads as you should be able to pick up some very nice fabrics at much less cost than usual.  I know that shipping fees are high, but so is petroleum, regardless of how it has been refined.  Satisfaction comes from being able to find what can not be found locally, and having horizons expanded.

There is a small shop over in Presque Isle, Me. 15 miles from my home.   The next nearest source of quilting materials is in Bangor, Me., 160 miles south!  More quilt shops are found farther down the line.  A very valuable element found in them all is hospitality.  The shops are filled with up beat, friendly, sociable people who are helpful, interesting to talk with on any subject, and are so as neighbors visiting over the back fence.  I may never see them again, but for the time I am in their stores I am among sincere, creative, knowledgeable friends.  I even pick up fabrics to make outfits for grand children!  

I made my first quilt top at the age of nine, and I am in my 80's now.  Never did I ever envision experiencing such comraderie  when I persuaded my mother to teach me how to make a quilt!  Now through the magic of the internet my friendships have truly expanded internationally.  I treasure them all.

A picture of one of my quilts appears in the March 2009 issue of "The American Quilter".   It is a quilt I made as a wedding gift for my son and his Chinese bride.  It appears on the last page of that journal.

Dana Allison

hi dana. i have been shopping at connecting threads for many years. i too luv all that they have..and all that i have purchased from them. and watch closely for books to go on sale. the staff is always helpful. but i think that you are prob getting emails because you let them have it to confirm and order or something. i don't..get emails from them and i received my first catalogues from them before i learned to use pc or net & not a member of american quilters society or subscribe to their mag...tho have picked it up in stores ocassionally. it would be nice to say that i saw your quilt in one of the ones i have purchased [and passed on to others] ...maybe you can post a pic here.

and what you say about the quality of quilters met randomly...and the camaraderie of the people we meet thru this sport we call 'quilting' - locally and around the world [via the net] ...heck i may never pick up my knitting needles again!!! lollollol

oh ...and we went thru presque isle and bangor yrs ago following the color up and around the northeast coast...over the whites, greens and down. i love maine...one of the most beautiful places in america. lucky lucky you!!!


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