Hi everyone i'm from northern ontario canada. the winters are very long, our summers are great and full of bugs. id love to make a mosquito  wall hanging, maybe just one large one for the camp. anybody have ideas?  ive been making quilts since i was 10 years and still have lots to learn. very limited on fabric up here,  mail order may be my next bet. anyways hope to hear from all of you .

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Hello Laurie!  Great to meet you.  I've never been to Ontario, but I did live in Wisconsin for a few years as a young girl.  It was cold and snowy!  I don't know any resources for a mosquito quilt, but I love the idea.  Maybe a whole bug quilt would be cute!  I love to draw my own designs and even have a pattern shop on Etsy, Curlicue Creations.  Maybe I'll do some bug blocks soon.  :)  Have a super day!


How about a big appliqued one. Google mosquito for pics and if you need help drawing I would be happy to help..
Hey I typed in mosquito and they have a awesome pic of a cartoon mosquito ..but I will still draw one if you would like..

hey julia thanks for the offer, i'll a have to put that a side for now as i got to get goin on this here wuilt im makin for my son for sept. hes getting married.

Most likely your weather patterns are similar to ours in far northern Maine, and northern New England, in general.  When I am not out plowing, or skiing, or skating, I am inside working on a quilt.  I made my first quilt top at the age of 9.  My grandmothers were excellent quilters.  Mother would make our summer clothes for us in the spring, wrap the scraps into tied bundles, put them into a box.  We lived in Vermont.  The next fall she would send the box of fabric scraps down to her mother who lived in Kentucky.  The next spring the box would return with quilts in them!  For some reason or another I decided that I wanted to make a quilt.  I teased, and teased Mother to teach me how.  She never cared to make quilts, but finally relented.  She was an opera singer, and preferred her music to quilting.  She had to dust off what she had seen her mother do.  Finally, I wore Mother down, and was told to go to the scrap box, select some cloth, cut some squares, sew three together.  Nothing about accuracy, nothing about color.  So, I did as she instructed, took the squares to the Singer, sewed three together.  One fell left, one fell right, and the other was straight up in the middle!  I took the masterpiece to Mother, "Something is wrong!"  It was then that Mother realized that when teaching, the teacher must be specific!  She meant, three in a row!  I finished that top, but never made it into a finished quilt.  Very quickly I learned that I could knit a sweater faster than I could make a quilt.  However, I never gave up quilting, just couldn't do much quilt making until after my sons and daughters had left home.  In the passed twenty plus years quilting has been a major activity for me.  Now I need fabric the way a moose needs a hat rack!  As for your needing a bitin' bug on a wall hanging.  Can you draw?  Draw a picture of such, any size you wish.  Then applique it onto a suitable backing, add pieced borders, and voila!  You have your picture of a being who thinks you are a steak dinner!  Down here we are pestered by black flies at the beginning of summer.  In one community there is a black fly festival.  Someone made an exaggerated picture of such a varmint, printed it on tee shirts, and earned a few dollars.  City visitors love the tee shirts, but curse those blood suckers as prolifically as we do.

mornin Dana! I enjoyed reading your letter ! you sound very interesting!! thats a great story! Well, i 'm so happy i could kick up my heels this am!!! my man and his son have gone ice fishing for three days out at our camp!! so ive got my quilt stand placed where i can use the computer as its dial up so i need something to do while im waiting for it to upload and got my coffee and choclates received from christmas and goina have a reall good time!!it was minus 38 below last night! got up to minus 24 this am . the suns out though so i think ill be able to go skiin this afternoon also! Yeah, i can draw a bit but have to put that project aside for now as i got to get started on my sons quilt for this fall comin. hes getting married and his girl is from the yukon and my son also loves that territory so i'm thinking that thats what the quilt will be based on.

It seems that every time one begins a quilt, or is thinking one through before snipping, cutting, assembling, another idea comes to mind.

We usually have sub-zero temperatures by this time of the year, but not this year.  We usually have enough snow to ski on at about the American Thanksgiving, the 4th Thursday of November, but this year any appreciable amount of snow fall we have had has been taken away by warm, too warm temperatures and rain!  Right now it is raining, and my yard is a down hill skating rink.  The snow mobile industry people are biting their fingernails up to the elbows, wondering if there will be snow which stays!  Snow mobile people bring in over six million dollars each year, a real boon in a poor area whose main industries are potatoes, and logging.  

I am sure that your son and his wife-to-be will be thrilled with the quilt you have planned.  No doubt the mosquitoes' portrait on the quilt will bring a great deal of laughter, and will represent plenty of scratch. Every young couple needs scratch, but not the kind the mosquitoes have in mind.

 At one time I had a small pond near my kitchen door.  I left the cellar door open one time. It is in a location which is out of sight of our daily comings and goings.  Next thing I knew, barn swallows had built nests in my cellar!   I couldn't bring myself to evict them.  After the babies fledged I shut the door.  During the time of the swallows' occupancy the swallows flitted over that pond, eating the black flies!  Plus, I allowed my chickens to roam.   Both varieties of birds cleaned out the black flies, and any other biting inhabitants in the yard!  What a relief!  We were able to go from the house to the car without being chewed upon as was the situation before I forgot to close the cellar door!   So, if you have barn swallows up there, leave the cellar door open as the birds will pay you rent which can not be duplicated, but just as appreciated.

Have a good time figuring out how to portray mosquitoes.


In Tennessee we call the mosquito "Mississippi State Bird"....hope you find a pattern! There is someone on this site trying to start a fabric swap for Canada...sounds like you all need one. Happy quilting!

Good morning, Laurie:

It has been a great deal of fun reading the responses to your plea.  I have thought a great deal about what your venture is in quilt making.  The internet is not the only source for pictures of mosquitoes.  Books, especially children's books dealing with bugs often carry excellent pictures of bugs, and just about any critter, whether real, or imaginary.  Often those pictures are done by artists, and are better at details than photographs.  I first became acquainted with this fact when a friend of mine, who had been a medical artist, told me that publishers often wanted artists to draw and paint pictures for illustrations to physicians and medical students just because the artist could show pertinent details so much better than what could be done with a camera.    So, go to your local book store, look in the children's section to find books with illustrations of mosquitoes.

In another message I believe you asked if there were any fabric stores which would be sources for pictures which you might use.  One of my favorite fabric stores is Keepsake Quilting down in Center Harbor, New Hampshire.  Their people stock thousands of bolts of fabric of many themes, colors, kinds.  You may reach them by their e-mail address: www.keepsakequilting.com, or by their phone #: 1-800-865-9458.  Their people are great to talk with, and they will do everything they possibly can to help you get what you want.  Their fabrics are the highest quality, and as such, are pricey.  But, the high prices are because of high quality, and all the fabrics they stock are highly worth their prices.  If you were able to take a trip to The USA, include a trip to Keepsake Quilting.  It is in an obscure area in the center of New Hampshire, but very worth the effort to get there.  Give them a call to see what they may do for you.  Also, have your name put onto their mailing list as their catalogues are fascinating.

Dana Allison

saw one post where they referred to mosquito as thier state's bird. when i lived in new jersey....i passed up opportunity to purchase t-shirt with large pic of mosquito and logo...new jersey state bird. have lived in quite a few places where the mosquitos seemed to be big enough and ornery enough to carry off small lions :)). good luck on your search. you may just have to draft a pattern using photo of mosquito...do an 'image' search on any search engine...

never made it into canada...forgot to carry the registration for our guns...:((....but

ya wanna know what the new jersey state bird is????? lollollol ....talk about bugs...beautiful beautiful state...but soooo mannnny bugs!!!!! welcome laurie!!!

Yeah!  The bugs are VW's on the New Jersey freeway!


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