lots of new members ..please read this, it does help with navigating site and posting images with comments ....


i tend to be overly wordy, but we have a lot of new members, and bearing in mind that we are quilters, not cyber techies, i thought i would repost a discussion i posted a few uears ago with tips for navigating MY Quilt Place. but please do note: we have had a few incidences of spamming on My Quilt Place ...it's an issue with every website/forum on the net these days. please contact the site any time you see something suspicious. at bottom of every page here, on the right, click on "report an issue" and follow the prompts. being careful about posting personal contact information is another way we can protect ourselves from cyber baddies, even tho this sites filters seem to be excellent and keep most of them out. but, they don't have to join to read what we write.

first off, we all like visitors, first step in inviting new visitors to our pages is to set out the "welcome" mat. when i frst set up my page i worried about non friends etc. had been a member of a social networking site w blogging, photos etc for several years. i never had any problems, but i had a few friends that did. they became targets of spammers stalkers etc etc. i was taught basic web wandering skills by my techy son. so, when i joined here i worried. hmmmm....quilters good people, should be no problems. so i went ahead...let it all out there. no monitoring comments made to me...if i don't like i can delete. i let anyone who wants to comment on my photos, visit my page etc etc. i have no restriction in my settings page. my gamble has paid off. quilters are good people, and i have had no problems at all with leaving my settings wide open. i am suggesting here that all of us are safe to open up our pages, photos & comments the same way.mwe can't meet new friends if we hide behind "privacy" screens.

the thing to remember about a site like this is that you have to register to join...the general public may be able to read what we write, look at the pics we post, copy the patterns and instructions, tutorials and recipes we post...but they can't comment on them. i use a fake id as taught by my son. a habit generally not used anymore on the web, well except for one other quilt forum i am member of ...but i like the pseudonym i chose for some of my online identities years ago...so i keep it. because anyone can read here, i also don't post my email or home addy's or ph/cell number. i share these with my mqp friends thru personal emails via the site. the sight is readable to any one who goes on line and looks up all things quilting. i read and cruised this site for a long time before i became a member. many of my acquaintences here now were quilters whose work and words i admired before i joined and "met" them.


each page you visit has somewhere on it in small print w envelope icon.."follow" ..just leave it. if you are not interested in page subject or photo, hit that mail icon and the words "don't follow" appear. this is where your personal settings come in. when you want to follow, each time someone comments or adds a new pic to thier photo page, you will recieve email notice. this is one thing that i really like about this site. at quilt board i have trouble following things..not set up as clearly as this sites follow function.

when you want to start a new discussion, whether in a group or just 'cause ...at the top of every page on the header there are several buttons.."forums" , will take you to a page showing all existing forums, or, discussions. they use these terms interchangeably on this site. if you look to the left side of main page you will see "discussions" that are really popular. some of those are over a year old. carla is the current rock star with her wanting feedback on buying a new machine. she finally bought a machine... but there are still comments coming in...some telling her what thier fav machine is, mostly we are doing the weather, carlas truck ..stuff like that. each discussion sorta drifts off the main..we are also gardening and canning in the "UFO" group discussion lollollol. not a lot of rules being followed which makes it all a lot of fun. there was a new thing...can't remember new mystery quilt or ?? anyway..individual setting it up asked that all comments pertain to what the thread is about. so..i guess we can't take our canning there, or work on carlas truck. :((

unless you post on someones home page every comment you make..on a photo, a group, a discussion thread/forum it will appear on the sites home page, as well a the page you posted on. same with photos to your personal photo page. it will appear on site's main page and then we all run over and look, comment "like". wish they would put a "LOVE IT!!" button. ahem!! hint hint! if you are away for a time you can catch up on recent posts by other members by going down to bottom of that and hit the "more" button. it will take you back a week or so. on all discusion pages at the bottom ..usual web page set-up "previous" or "next".

the thing that i got confused on a lot when i first joined, was where it says "send a message", like at the top left of this page. well...when you "send a message", you are actually sending a friend request. so, if you really want to just send a message or make comment not necessarily pertaining to page subject matter or whatever, go to that members home page. to do that..click on thier icon next to thier comment or next to thier name at head of photo page for instance. then scroll down thier page ..below thier "blogs" notice..you will come to "comment wall". someone responded to me the other day that she didn't know she had a "comment wall". yup...we all do...on our personal home pages.

at the top of each page:

"home" ...takes you to sites home page.

"my place" ..will always take you to your home page

"quilters" ..will take you to pages of all members. click on icon next to thier name and it will take you to thier home page. if you are looking for a particular member & you know what name they are using here at MQP, then type that name into the little search bar at left side of page before area of members names starts. also, on the members page, in right corner opposite "search" you'll see a order of appearence & drop down menu. click how you would like the page displayed -alphabetically, latest members joined or random. it defaults to latest member ...sometimes

"galleries" ...will take you to every photo posted on the site in most recent first. a member mentioned that she is up to #698 on site home page in a comment on another members photo. i tried what she is doing, but she is more organized than i, lol i keep forgetting where i left off. it is worth it to do this, like a quilt show, there are some absolutely stunning quilts posted here. many of the owners of the pages that you go to to see the quilt don't seem to be active members any more. some never posted comments, some have not posted ??? since they joined or after a few months as members. that's ok, we still get to enjoy seeing thier quilts...but they probably won't be responding to any queries you make. nothing personal..i have lost count of how many sites like this that i have joined over the years and forgot to wander back to, or just lost interest it them.

"groups"..will take you to pages where all the different groups are listed. just go thru them...you can follow any group you want (the follow or not follw thing again) w/o joing the group. that is me ...i am a lurker...lollollol got pulled into the ufo group because of the garden thread going on. but if you go thru and read about a group..like it..at right top of page hit "join". you will recieve an email notice that you joined, a notice will be posted on site home page, and you are a member of the group immediately. no waiting. there are a TON of swap groups. they look like they have a lot of fun..i just hang out there and follow what they are doing and look at the pics of thier cool projects. not a member ...just a lurker. :))

"events" ...members or aqs can post upcomming events like quilt shows..if you are in the area of one of these event happenings, this is a really handy little thingy :))

"forum" ..we did this one above with discussions

"blogs" ..at the bottom of the site home page, recent blog posted ..partial..to read click on "continue" ..or go to "blogs" button scroll down to catch up on recent or older. there are some really good older ones.

"videos"..members post videos

"photos" ...i have another post somewhere on how to use your photo page. essentially...you can post photos in any discussion, group, your blog, someone elses blog or yoir personal photo page. if you need more info...please ask...this liitle note has gotten very long and was intended to just cover basic navigation. that said, i've decided to add the seperate photo discussion here due to several requests for how-to info ...

to add a comment to a photo already posted, open a photo on it's own page. upper right hand corner. two choices - "OPTIONS" or "ADD".

click on "OPTIONS" ..in the drop down menu, click on whatever you wish to do...in this case you want "edit details". click on that option. a page opens with your photo on left side then a box to right of it with the title you posted w the photo. to change from a number to a name etc - click in that box and re-write. under title box is discussion/comment box. to add a descriptive or explanatory note to accompany your photo - click in the box and type whatever note you wish to. then click "save" in lower left side below. when done, it will display your photo as before, but now it will say all the things you wish to accompany it with.

...another additional note to the "pictures" comment here. if you want to use a personal photo as your avatar/icon image do this ...

go to "settings" >>first step to setting up your profile/personal page is "Photo">>beneath that it says "edit current photo". what it doesn't explain is that the only photo you'd be editing is the one used for your profile or avatar. follow the directions below that to load a picture from your computer, tablet or whatever. it will show your chosen image in a box w a sorta dotted line square over it. that shows you what area of your photo will be used as correct size for your avatar. to the right of your image is another box w your chosen image.
now then, if you place your curser, or finger, on the dotted line enclosed area of image to the left and as you move the box around you'll see the image to the right having areas highlighted. whatever is highlighted will be what the program sets as your avatar. so play with it ..get just what you want to show and then click "save". and you now have an image of your choice that shows on your page and everywhere on the site that you post a comment, discussion, status etc.

there is no button for tutorials..but some of the older blogs and older discussions will have them. but no main page for tutorials per se. if you are wondering about a technique or how to there is a group for that or start a discussion, ask for help...if there is an old blog with what you need, someone will point you to it, or respond with helpful information pertaining to your question.

have fun...if i have missed anything...someone will come along and add it on here. and enjoy the lovely little quilters playground the American Quilters Society has procided for us. and push the buttons, explore..if you get lost go to top of page and hit "HOME". like my son said when he was teaching me to use the pc..."just push the buttons mom, it won't blow up!" so..just push buttons. that is how i am learning the site...and tho i hold my breath..i am such a scardy cat.. lollol..nothing has blown up! ...YET!!

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Posting this again for a new member.

There is a lot of good info here.


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