I'm very low-tech and I'm having trouble navigating around the site.  Help!

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One thing I do is use browser tabs. (I use Firefox, but I think this will work with Internet Explorer and other browsers too.)

I scroll down the Latest Activity column in the middle of the main page. When I see something that I want to read or look at, I right-click and choose "Open Link in New Tab." It's important to click on the exact link you want, such as "replied" rather than the group name. That opens the new item behind your active screen. You'll see the tabs, like file folder tabs, across the top of your screen.

Then I continue browsing down the Latest Activity. When I finish skimming through the new items, I go back and look at the items in the tabs, closing each one as I finish.

Hi Wilma - so wonderful to have you join the site. If there is something in particular you are looking for, let us know and surely someone can help.

wilma...this is a link to another page here at mqp where i wrote a lengthy respnse to another new members request for help navigating the site. hope you find it useful. if you have more questions, there are a bunch of freindly and knowledgeable members here who would be very happy to help you.


Thank You!!!!  I've printed the page.  I really appreciate the help.

you are welcome. when my son was teaching me to use the computer his most frequent remark was "push the buttons, mom! just push buttons ..it won't blow up!" lol. so..i am still pushing buttons. on every site i wander in. love learning all the functions almost as much as i love the interacting with other quilters here and elsewhere. amd of you need any more questions answered ..like about phot posting, funtioms not responding whatever just post your issue as a discussion...someone here will jump in and help.

I think your advice should be emailed to every new member! Thank you for taking the time to write that.

I love your son's advice. When my mother was learning how to use the computer, she would call us long distance and say things like, "It's blinking." We were supposed to figure out what she was talking about from that. (Mom never would have just pushed buttons. She was convinced that if she touched the thermostat the house would blow up.)

lollol...love that thermostat thing! yeah, moms can be quite a challenge. my son finished school early..took a year and just worked. he would come home and first thing would be "what did you do on the computer today? " .."nothing, i'm waiting for you to come home in case something happens" after a few of those he blew...as much as that mild mannered soft spoken teen could "blow" ...and said the line i've come to treasure...just push the bottons mom, it won't blow up! then later i was getting lectures about all the really COOL goodies i found to download. and since he was my computer guru in those days...if i downloaded something with spyware or worse embedded in it...he would have to spend hours going thru code in safe mode to find it. so...i was always getting scolded and every day he would come in and ask..what did you down laod today? mothers! such a burden sometimes lollollol

i am glad you found my info useful. i have it on my notepad thingy here on ipad. i have used it several times amd i find it easier to store there so i can find it to post for new members if needed. there is a discussion by the mqp folks somewhere too. i will find that and post it also. very helpful info for re: mail etc.

and welcome to all the new members here. a lot have joined recently and i hope all of you enjoy the fun & camaraderie here at mqp as much as the sharing of skils, how-to's and ideas.
link to discussion page titled "Network Announcement" all the posts are comments answering question to the site managers. a good place to visit for more answers. if you have questions not answered in either of these two links, please post them and we who have been here for a while and are familiar with the site and its functions, will find answers for you.


Oh man!  Just push the buttons?

Let me tell you what I just did.  Oh man!  I AM wide awake. I'm checking the computer.  There is an email from a fabric manufacturer.  I push the button.  When I push the button, there's a big sign telling me to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Typepad. 

So, I think this:  I have a Face and I hold a Book with pages I turn. I sent a Telegram to a friend in need once. I'm interested in Pins because pins hold fabrics together. I like to sit on my back porch and listen to birds Twitter.  And, I can Type on a typewriter.  But, this facebooking, twittering, typepadding, pineresting, instagramming is a foreign language!
So in my semi-funny way, I write a note to my daughter, I Push the Button and Send this:

"This makes me feel like a giant loser in the world of business.  I'm sitting on a park bench watching the world go by!"

Well, can you guess what I did?  I pushed the button and sent the note to the fabric manufacturer. 

Buttons.  Sigh.

OMG!! oh dear Lord...thank you wilma for the perfect start to my web wandering perambulations on this, another foggy cold miserable day. perfect weather...for staying inside and playing on the ipad and looking at pretty pictures of lovely quilts, beautiful quilts and utterly incredible quilts. with the ubiquitous cup of tea on my table, not very bright puppy at my feet.... so glad to meet you!

i don't face, tweet, text or the rest of it. my books are used paperbacks, i read hard copy mags rather than web version. ...move the needle work over, i'll bring a thermos of nice strong hot tea and join you on that park bench.


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