I am in the process right now of making a jacket.  Is it ok to mix satin on the cuffs, yoke, and one front piece with cotton?  Doing bargello on back, thought to put yoke in satin and embroidery on it, then pint tucks on sleeves with satin on cuff area, and then one side piece be satin with embroidery on it.  Thoughts please.  I just don't want it to fall apart before I get to wear it much.

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use something like Symphony satin that joanns used to sell. i buy satin for baby quilts at hancocks fabrics, similar to symphony. in fact it may still be called symphony. i don't remember, i just make sure it is washable. my dil washes everything too much. the first satin baby quilt still in play w 6 yo grdaughter. the satin is holding up to dil laundry doings & grand daughters play times extremely well. no holes or wear areas.

there was a time years ago, that satin or corduroy yolks, cuffs, lining of button plackets were a common fashion style moxed w cotton or lt wt wools in blouses & light weight jackets. you're just reviving an old style trend. :)) you innovator you!

Beth just be aware that you must stabilize certain fabrics, plus the wash factor. If a fabric needs to be dry cleaned then you may want to make a tag for you to remember it. I would love to see your progress, post it on our batik page and maybe you will get me to join you as I would like to do one for myself.

Or start a discussion page for progress or maybe even start up a group to challenge each other to get maybe like the sleeves done on a certain date.  Let me know!


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