I'm adding a mitered border, using a floral stripe, and would like to adjust the floral motifs so there's a pleasing corner turn with minimal motifs cut in half along the miter seam. Any suggestions on how to adjust the placement of the strips/motifs? Thanks, everyone!

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You're going to have to fussy cut as in Wagon Wheels West. I guess you have to think of the miters as corner squares, make them and add them to the borders. Here is a book Stripes in quilts By Mary Mashuta. Good luck!

Thanks for the links, Jill! My stripe isn't nearly this bold - it's more a scattering of roses with a subtle stripe at the edges. I think I'm just going to have to lay it out, skooch it one way or the other, test-baste until I'm happy with the result.

That sounds good!

hi ann... what i do in a case like this is fold my fabric and move it along ...fold & move...till i get the match. generally, i've been told by fabric store people, the print repeat is about every 18" tho i just did a proj where the repeat was only 11".

it is not an economical use of fabric...but i tend to do things like this as an afterthought as my project develops..so i usually buy extra if i am buying and not using out of stash.

good luck...post pics when done...esp as you work...would be great 'showNtell' set of photos for the gallery here.

Thanks, Rogue! That's essentially what I did. Laid the borders out, had plenty of extra at either end, moved stuff around, stitched 'em down this afternoon. Hope to get it basted and ready to quilt later this week.


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