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What wakes you up... or do you just not "get to sleep"?

Sometime the dog wakes me up because she wants to go outside and then I can't go back to sleep or else the lovely night sweats.  I'm hot and then I'm cold.  I have started taking melatonin (suggested by my doctor) at night to help me relax and get to sleep.  I also stop watching television and drink a cup ofchamomile tea while preparing for bed about a half hour before.  If I wake up and can't go back to sleep I get up and grab my bible and read the Psalms.  They are always so uplifting. Soon I feel tired and I go back to bed.  It is better than tossing and turning.  Sometimes I can't go back to sleep because my mind is racing.  I keep a pad and pencil next to the bed and just start writing them down.  I also have a tiny flashlight on my nightstand so I can see what I am doing.  This helps me to relax and go back to sleep.

well the dog woke me up hogging the bed. did I say I have a new companion. His name is Jake and he belongs to my son who went away on an extended vacation ????So I inherited Jake didn't want a dog but had been baby sitting him in the daytime because of anxiety about being alone. He is a gem . he is part bassethound and part some kind of bird dog so he has a hounds head and face and a basset body with little short legs he is goofy looking but so smart love him to pieces. He went with my daughter camping and came home last night so he has to get close and love me so he now has the whole bed.

 I  found a quilters site on the net called Quiltville open discussion. its from Bonnie hunters blog. I love it it is all just plain everyday quilters discussing their quilts ,and how to do them . also new quilters with questions. Bonnie Hunter does scrappy quilts and has some great  free patterns on her site she drops in and gets in the discussions also.. I love her quiltsI have started to try to get rid of my scraps by doing scrappy quilts. Right now I am doing log cabins. each of my kids get one for , sleep under. all my other quilts they wouldn't use as everyday quilts so I am doing a warm and cuddly from mom  to sleep under.   I

I have had so many things going one this summer and I feel so overwhelmed this stuff is to much for an old woman.. I am physically and mentally tired

.but I guess the Lord doesn't give you any more than he knows you can handle

I was given a old treadle machine minus the machine I am going to have my machine mounted in it. You know I already have 2 treadle machines they sew wonderfully I think I am going to try to quilt a quilt on one of them. Others say they do it all the time.   

I have 9 ufos I have found and am also going to try to finish them before the years end. I FINALLY FINISHED MY LITTLE BROWN BIRD QUILT AND IT IS AT THE turned out great although I got so tired of it and feel I made so many mistakes. but I am the only one who knows where they are and I am not telling the quilt police so you don't tell them I did okay.

I am getting a new computer so I will be able to use this more I have had such a hard time since I got a virus last winter. it still doesn't work right. so as soon as I can get it home I have a new one. And my son got me a lap top now to learn how to use that also. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks if they are willing. I will go finish my potato salad and go back to bed bye have a blessed quilting day Dottie  

Our little dog, Molly, has just started scratching due to allergies...something that blooms here in late Aug., as it happened last yr. too. Last night and the night before, she kept us up w/her jiggling the bed. l put anti-itch spray on her & it only helped a short time. So this a.m. she went to vet for a shot and a bottle of pills. She's doing better already, thank goodness. Hopefully the allergy season'll be short. lt's probably ragweed or goldenrod...we have a lot of both out here in the sticks.

Dottie, so good to hear from you.  I imagine Jake loves being with you.  Sounds like he has it pretty good.  Looking forward to seeing pics of the little brown bird quilt.  I am sure it is fabulous.  A new computer can be fun, hope it isn't too intimidating for you.


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