Several of our guild members, including myself, have discovered pens made by Pilot.  They are called FriXion, by Pilot and can be found at stores such as Office Depot and some stationary sections in some stores and now, the fabric and quilt shops are carrying them. 

We discovered them at a recent quilt show.  They weren't developed for fabric, orignally, but as an erasable pen for paper.  Not sure who discovered they were great for marking fabric, but they are absolutely the greatest.  Mark in any color, on white fabric even.  Touch your iron to it and the marks are gone, completely.  We love, love, love them!!  

I have been told they don't seem to work as well on batiks.  I haven't tried that theory out, as yet.  I would imagine if that is the case, it probably has to do with the wax processes the batiks go through to get their patterns. 

Try them, you will be impressed

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Be careful... if you get the marked fabric cold the marks will come back even after you've 'removed' them with the heat.  I had several friends find this out by leaving things in their cars during the winter.  The ink isn't removed by the heat; it is just made invisible.
thank you, that is very good to know. 
I have one and absolutely love it!  I've heard about the marks reappearing if the fabric gets unusually cold....not going to happen here in SW Florida....but if the piece is washed the ink will be gone for good. 

There has been a lot of discussion about these pens on another quilting board that I belong to and several members there have had trouble washing them out and say that they require scrubbing and multiple washings and then they still don't all come out and have a tendency to smear on llight fabrics.  FYI. 


Isn't that interesting!  I have several colors of the FriXion pens and I just don't have any trouble, at all.  I have heard that they don't do well on batiks, but I haven't had occasion to try that out.  I really like them, as do all the gals in my quilt guild that I know use them.  A matter of preference, I guess, or maybe a particular environment?  I know the marks will come back if whatever fabric it is on is too cold, but, I am told, the marks do go away with heat and do come out in the laundry. 

This has been a topic on many other Quilt Boards and I actually did a test to see if the ink washed out.  I marked a 100% cotton piece of fabric.  Applied heat, ink disappeared, placed it in the freezer ink reappeared.  Washed piece of fabric on my "quick wash cycle with warm water.  Removed fabric, no ink.  Placed it back in the freezer and the ink never reappeared.

I love the pen easy to use and from my experience washes out!!!

I just received two of these pens as a Christmas present (I told my kids I could use some quilt marking pens) and I didn't know what they were as I had never seen them.  Now I do!!!  Looking forward to trying them out.


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