..sitting here cruisin' the web ...again :)), until time to leave for an appointment. one of my fave sites is ludlow quilting, a british site.


great articles, tutes and freee quilt & block patterns. never looked at her "Humour" page before ...thought i'd share a giggle with you all ... :))

Proquiltination – the art of putting off till tomorrow anything and everything except quilting

Quilting fills my days – not to mention the bedrooms and cupboards

Quilt – anything that has layers and has been made by you

When life throws you scraps, make a quilt

Old quilters don’t die – they just go to pieces

One quilting project, like one cookie, is never enough

My grand daughter came to spend a few weeks with me. I decided to teach her to sew and began by showing her how to thread the sewing machine. She looked at me in wonder: ‘You can do all that but you can’t set the timer on the TV?’

A messy house is a sign of a happy quilter

A tidy house is the sign of a broken sewing machine

Happiness is a full bobbin

I’m a material girl – want to see my fabric collection?

HSY – haven’t started yet

PIM – project in mind

WIP – work in progress

WISP – work in slow progress

You know you’re a quilter if there’s more fabric in the house than food.

I’m a fabric accumulation expert

May all your ups and downs in life be with a needle and thread

FART – fabric acquisition road trip

You know you’re a quilter when your ironing board is always set up but you never iron clothes.

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy fabric.

If I quilt fast enough, does that count as aerobic exercise?

Blessed are the children of the piecemakers, for they shall inherit the quilts

My husband said that if I bought any more fabric he would leave me – I’ll miss him!

I’m not easily distracted, I ………. Hey look – fabric!

Asking a quilter to hem your skirt is like asking Picasso to paint your bathroom.

Dear fabric store worker: Stop asking me what I’m going to make with this fabric – I’ve run out of different ways of saying that it will go in my fabric stash.

Sure – bring the family over. My wife’s working on a quilt, so bring your own food and dishes. Oh and a folding table if you have one.

If you stick your tongue out while quilting, your quilting accuracy improves by 100%.

I don’t need to get organised, I just need a bigger sewing room.

Fabric is so addictive that it should be a controlled substance.

To quilt or not to quilt – what a silly question!

All of your questions about life after death will be answered if you touch my fabric stash.

When life gives you scraps, make quilts.

WOMBAT – waste of money, batting and time

RUF – really ugly fabric

You know you’re a quilter if you pet fabric.

No one expects a stamp collector to use his collection for mailing letters. No one expects a coin collector to use his collection to buy groceries. So why would you expect me to use my fabric collection to actually sew anything!!

PFC -professional fabric collector

NESTY – not even started yet

I cannot count a day complete, till needle thread and fabric meet.

A day patched with quilting seldom unravels.

STABLE – stash accumulation beyond life expectation

Creativity is intelligence having fun – Albert Einstein

Her needlework both plain and ornamental was excellent, and she might have put a sewing machine to shame – James Edward Austen-Leigh, about Jane Austen

A hearty bowl of a freshly made homespun quilt adds a pep to your step!

Falling in love with quilting is no laughing matter

A quilter never gets bored.

A quilter never speeds at the border, just slows down around the block.

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Love the humor.  Several of them I haven't seen and definitely put a smile on my face...

me too! thought about taking out the ones i'm familiar with, this is a rather long post, but thought i may know them, but others might not :))

Oh my...l see sooo much of my life in this collection,lol!

oh yes!! me too!! lollol thought about writing her and having her add the "V" to WISP...i esp liked the STABLE & PFC :))

the link at the beginning here is to her page of free patterns. i found this site few years ago looking for a quick & easy block i was reading about in several members comments here. fell in love w her tutes, blogs etc.

one of the links i posted for the jewel box was from this lady. she is a riot. 

i have her jewel box in my file of free quilt patterns. and yeah ..she is a riot. i wish i had a better connection fr my isp, her videos are fun to listen to also. her side comments etc.


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