I've had to give up my florescent lights due to migraines. I'm trying day lights, but they aren't quite bright enough. I'm getting shadows and dark walls. I'm getting older and can't see the colors so easily. I'd love any suggestions.

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Hi Teresa,
My husband bought me a ceiling fixture that has track lights on it. It has 3 and I can turn them anyway I want. One points at the cutting table and one at my sewing table and the other one at the sewing table and ironing board. Here is the link


Thanks Cheri, I like that it's all together in one fixture. Do you use a certain type of bulb?  Unfortunately, my studio is in my basement and I need all the light I can get. Happy Quilting!

Teresa, I too am in the same boat (er, basement) . The 2 pot lights for general light in mine are not enough, so I put up temporary light sticks (the kind for under kitchen cabinets) over each " station". I also have a gooseneck craft/ reading lamp that I can grab & swivel into possitions near my main sewing machine.It's a good temporary fix 'til I get the best ceiling ones. Looking for suggestions as well. Do you have a drop ceiling with ceiling tiles? That at least distributes light better than wood rafters au naturelle.

what about halogen pot lights?  it will require more work to put them in but you could put the pot lights in places where you need the most light.  above your sewing machine, work table etc...

I have this issue since I"m in the basement too with only one small window and one tiny overhead light. I have a gooseneck Ott light at the end of my sewing table, yes it's a type of flourescent but since it shines directly on the table and is under my sight line, (I'm taller than the light so it never shines on my face and it they don't distort the colors nearly as much as a standard fluorescent) I don't have problems with it. Also since it's a gooseneck I can direct it any direction I want.( I have chronic migraines so I'm leery of everything that could possibly induce one ) I also have a small desk size one that is next to my sewing machine when the machine light just isn't quite enough for some intricate stitching or the ripping out of a messed up seam, lol. Also this keeps my overall room light bright enough to work but not so bright as to give me a headache.

Shopping tip: If you are close to a hobby lobby, they are cheaper there than at joann's or an office supply store... unless it's christmas and they are running a special, lol.

Mine has halogen daylight lights in it. They offer plenty of light. I live in washington state and I am in an upstairs bedroom. I keep the blinds closed in the Summer because of the sunlight on my back (when we do have sun) and I still have plenty of light from the fixture. My ceilings are only about 9 - 10 feet high though.I have an ottlight that I use over my sewing machine that I can point at the needle. I bought it with a 40% off coupon at Joann fabrics. It is also halogen and you can use any color bulb you want in it. I prefer the natural daylight because it gives you true colors.

I had trouble getting enough light to work on my sewing area so I installed track lighting with a dimmer. By positioning the lights on different angles to cover my area, I don't get shadows and they are not so bright as to cause headaches. With a dimmer, you can always tone it down.


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