Has anyone ever had a walking foot leak grease.  I am working on a new project only to have 8-10 inches of the thread covered with dark grease, and of course it's on a light fabric, and it's Sunday (can't reach a sole).

Fortunately, for me, my project has a huge sea coral and I was able to just add a piece of coral to cover the worst seam.  My Janome is less than a month old.  I made sure it was not the machine, I''m pretty sure it was the walking foot.  I googled the problem and I'm not the first.

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I have one and have never had this problem. Was unaware a walking foot would have grease in it. You said it wasnt the machine but run your finger down the shaft and see if clear oil might be following your needle into the foot. Thats all i can imagine.

There was a post on The Quilt Board last year, by a lady in the UK with a Toyota machine, whose walking foot also leaked lubricant. Apparently, walking feet have a teflon lubricant sealed within. When the case's seal is broken, it can leak out. Was your foot ever dropped, or has it ever frozen? Or is it possibly new, and has a flaw? lt'll be useless as it is. Better return it if it's new, or replace it if it's older.

Fixed my problem.  Returned the machine for a full refund and purchased the DC5100.  I LOVE this machine.  Wish I'd have purchased it in the first place.  Also bought it locally, which I should have done the first time.

Wonderful! Don't you just love it when a company stands behind it's products:) ?

I didn't have to go to Janome, but I'm sure they would have done the same.  I purchased through Amazon.com and they always come through.  Glad I bought my new one locally though.


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