Do you ever make leader and ender quilts?  Do you use scraps or coordinate the fabrics?  I have done both.  I am getting ready to start a new one and I think all this recent discussion on scrap bins (thank you Beth :)) is inspiring me to do a scrappy one this time. 

I would love to know what other quilters do for leader and ender quilts.

If you do not know what I mean, or if you have not tried it, check out this link

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Yep, we think alike.  While doing my blocks for the rr, I did have corners cut off from the flying geese so I did the leader ender and got those sewed.  Then chain stitched with two blocks so I could get things done.  Finished it and love the scrappy blocks I did.  Can't say much, Rogue is reading here also.  Have to keep secret till she opens it.

I didn't count what I cut, but I have enough to get me started. I just did the scraps in my immediate sewing area, so I'll probably have to cut more later.

Deb, the quilt along is at Her sample is really cute. It's not that my fabric is ugly, it's just big red and black print. Just not me.

I had a light bulb moment after I cut my squares. I can do my connector blocks as leader enders! My scrappy 9patch may have to take a back seat.

And last but not least, my new iron arrived today. WooHoo!

woohoo for you! what kind of iron? mine is stil functioning sorta :)) but i think maybe the kitties have launched it a few too many times...there's a rattle in it and the cleaning function doesn't want to work anymore. to visit justquiltin now ....yaaayyyy!! another new site to play in! well, new to me :))

I had a Maytag cordless for hitting the seams when I piece, but it stopped steaming. Then it started putting brown spots on my white fabric. It was such a good iron, but they don't make them anymore. So after searching, I ordered a Panasonic from Amazon. I really like the cordless iron, because I'm always getting the cord caught on stuff. But a cordless is not good for yardage. That's when I use the Rowenta (with cord).

i am on budget :)) so, i only have my one iron and my mini iron, which gets amazingly hot, that i like for pressing miniature blocks and mini quilt tops ...i had a rowenta that taught me they don't like to fly. researched some online forums about irons and nearly every one said the rowenta leaked. old one never did. so started looking at other brands...then in joannes one day and they had the rowenta professional on sale 60% off... leak or no...i could afford it lol. but it has never leaked, hi wattage and i love it. even tho the self cleaning surge thingy doesn't work anymore, it still steams w/o leaking so far. tho usually for blocks i use dry heat. i'll have to do some reading on the panasonic. the last time it was really hard to be w/o any iron at maybe a backup would be good idea.

My first Rowenta took a leap because of cord and cat and no, they don't fly well. Hubby got me the Maytag for Christmas. Loved it till I tried to press a 3yd. piece. Wouldn't stay hot long enough. I got the current Rowenta on sale for a good price. It's getting old now, but works fine as long as I remember to clean it once in a while.

I loved my Rowenta, just found they didn't last as long as one would think. I currently have a Black & Decker Digital Advantage.  I love it.  It is the best consumer rated one I could find.  I even tried an Oliso.  The Oliso started leaking and ruining my blocks in under a year  :-(

well, thanks a lot !! that's not exactly good news :)) lol ..but so far my rowenta is hangin' in there. gets really hot the way i like it. they have black & decker in dept stores here, don't know which version. but it's something to think about if my rowento becomes not such a great iron. i don't like shopping on line. ups doesn't like our long treelined driveway they leave things out by the road. i don't bother to argue w them any more. treatment of any shipping company here locally seems pretty rough. broken &/or smashed boxes. so, i try to buy local or squeeze in some shopping on our twice a year visitations to portland oregon area to see our grtreasures.

are you going to post some progress pics of the dwr?

i am still following the qal vickie ...your quilt is wonderful!

I've got my border rails and corners done for the quilt along. So I've been sewing squares as I go! Next, to finish border loops!

Still working on the blue and light scrappy as my leader and ender.  Seems as if it takes forever this way, but at least I am really motoring on the double wedding ring.  I get about two or three squares of my leader/ender done each day when (if) I sew.  Hope you are making progress too!  I'll post pics once I iron these hourglass units.

125 down, 49 to go!!

I need to take pictures. I've got a bunch of squares sewn into 3 patch strips. Debating about finishing with all the squares, or turning them into 9 patches. I thought they were adding up fast considering. If not as L/E they wouldn't be done at all! ;-))


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