Do you ever make leader and ender quilts?  Do you use scraps or coordinate the fabrics?  I have done both.  I am getting ready to start a new one and I think all this recent discussion on scrap bins (thank you Beth :)) is inspiring me to do a scrappy one this time. 

I would love to know what other quilters do for leader and ender quilts.

If you do not know what I mean, or if you have not tried it, check out this link

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Isn't it.  I am so thrilled with it.  I am going to do a scrappy applique border as well.  I think it will give it a finish that is beautiful.  It is just the right size for my king size bed.

Woohoo! look what I got today!!  While cutting scraps for my leader/ender quilt, I decided it was time to sort by color and not just size!!  Almost ready to start sewing.

You have fun with that. LOL

Do you have enough shelf space to accommodate this?

Ready for the project...leader/ender. I'll be working on the double wedding ring as the main project.  YUMMY!!

They look so nice all tidy and sorted!

I'll try this again! Lost first post.

LOL my thoughts exactly. Way too many subgroups, but I understand why. Is it peach or pink? should I put the gold with the yellow or is it more brown? Wow, these purples HATE each other. That's why I do the light, med., and dark. I can easily pull colors out if I need to. And where do I put the prints with lots of colors?

Deb, how many do you have here?

I have 696 of the big blue triangles! I have at least 180 of everything else.  I was tired of cutting by the time I had these cut and the double wedding ring scrappy arcs.  Now I am really ready to sew for a few days!

This sorting, pressing, and trimming is tedious. At least my scrap pile is neater. LOL  I keep telling myself to do it as I go, but it doesn't happen. I need 68 9patches, so that's 612 squares. The good news is - color doesn't matter. I'll be finishing my wall hanging, and working on my quilt a long blocks and borders as the main project. I also want to do an online Labor Day quilt a long to get rid of a fabric group I thought I liked. Oh well.

Which online quilt along will you be doing? Sounds interesting and has peaked my interest! I love those things.  I also use the "ugly" fabrics as small scraps in the scrappy quilts, you can use a lot of ugliness that way and it turns into something beautiful.  :-D

Light bulb!  Ok, leader/ender blocks.  Concept received.  I am going to have a pile of 2.5' squares by my sewing machine and then when I am at the end of a block where I am going to break off, will grab two pieces of fabric and sew them together instead of using the little piece of fabric or dealing with ends.  will do this while I am making that scrappy star quilt.  I have some blocks I need to finish up right now for the row robin on UFO page then I will start back into this project that is sitting on the floor.  Trying so hard to finish things right now.  The more I try the further behind I seem to get.  Ugh!

Beth, I think you can use your leader/enders on your row blocks also. Anything you sew can have a leader/ender. One in front and one in back. The ender becomes the leader for the next seam :-))

Woohoo! Nice explanation.  I'm sorry I assumed we all knew what a leader/ender is.  My apologies Beth.  If you are like me, your leader/ender will become your next main project as you can't wait that long to finish!!!


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