Do you ever make leader and ender quilts?  Do you use scraps or coordinate the fabrics?  I have done both.  I am getting ready to start a new one and I think all this recent discussion on scrap bins (thank you Beth :)) is inspiring me to do a scrappy one this time. 

I would love to know what other quilters do for leader and ender quilts.

If you do not know what I mean, or if you have not tried it, check out this link

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Alaska Debi?  Babies are a long ways away?

This does sound like fun.  I am in the middle of show quilt season and have several customer quilts to get done, but always need down time at the sewing machine to relax.  Interested to know what you have in mind for this fun filled project to "bust some scraps".

The frozen chosen are a long ways from Phoenix and it is chilly up here. It hasn't rained too much tho, so that's nice. I will connect with some quilty friends and sort a project out on Saturday. I can't wait to get started!

I noticed you used a word that is not easily understood, "SORTED".  Please don't panic me on sorting out scraps here.  I just want to grab and go because my little pieces include one large 55 gallon tub and two smaller ones, not mentioning the pieces that are above the 5" mark.

I didn't mean for you to sort!! I was the one sorting the project!! Sorry :-(

Sure I had to read more into it.  Made you panic!  Good to know the colder temps up north have not clogged your brain.  Have a safe trip home.

Did you make it home ok Chris? 

Ok, came home to three more grandchildren, so house is full of children and dogs. I promise to have a project set up before the weekend. Then, we'll go from there. I'll post on this discussion. Thanks for understanding.

That is wonderful.  I do not have any of those running around.  I guess I could say that I have some "step" grandchildren.  My husband's daughter has three girls.  I have not met them, which is sad.  Maybe I will get to be classified someday.  Oh well.  Been married for 22 years, you would think I was more than her "Dad's Wife". 

Have fun and enjoy the time.  Quilting will be there when they all have to leave.

Beth, if it's just going to be you and me, maybe I'll wait to organize this until we have more interest. Thoughts??

I've never done one, but I've thought about it. What kind of time commitment are you looking at? Do we just sew our squares as we work on other things? Around here most people are wrapping up summer and getting back into school mode. Maybe you would get more interest in the middle of September?

That's a great thought, I have no children at home so I forget these things. It is not really a time commitment. We would just encourage each other to keep moving on our leaders and enders. It works if you chain piece. I never raise my presser foot, there is always a bonus triangle in there or a square for my long term project (leaders & enders). Maybe we can choose the same project and share pics. I'm happy to choose the project. I have a few free patterns I could share :-)

Count me in. I have lots of little scraps.


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