i don't see much comment about the latest Mystery Quilt from AQS - linda hahn. is anyone here doing it?

just curious...was just looking to see what has developed so far. linda has picked out some wonderful colors for her quilt. the first block simple hts ..i have read a few comments about the amount of fabric it will take. that it is too much, but since the size is something like 75 x 90 something ...we do bed quilts with more fabric than this will take.

any way, i joined mqs too late for the first two mystery quilts. don't care that much for the "modern quilt movement" style, so skipped the last mystery quilt. tho i must admit that there were some beautiful quilts that came from quilters here! anyway...thought i would maybe follow and try this one...have commitment issues ( :)) took him nearly three years to talk me into the ring thing lollol), so i will follow quietly and probably reduce the size. it says "large lap quilt or twin sized bed quilt" both bigger than i want. but i like her designs...loved the rainbow rotini.. so i thought i would see if any one else is thinking about doing it?

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this discussion has been moved to a group called "SNAKE IN THE GRASS MYSTERY" quilt.


Linda Hahn, designer of this mystery quilt series, for American Quilters Society our hosts for My Quilt Place, will be following our progress as we work on this project. she will drop in to visit w comments, tips and helpful hints now and again as her busy schedule permits..and when she is in a "connection zone" ... :)) we can all relate to that, w the onset of summer and vacation traveling & "dead zones" for our wonderful little wireless phones pads etc!

she has also posted a note re: the amount of fabric called for in the directions. there is more than just a quilt here! yay...this sounds like i have hit the jackpot on my first mystery quilt! a quilt, a puzzle, and ....drum roll inserted here...projects to use the mystery quilt scraps with! i can hardly wait for this to be done...see my beautiful quilt (fingers crossed) and work on another scrap project. glad i have a whole bolt of black...i may need more here than i am thinking. oh joy !!



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