Hopefully you'll all share some UFOs you have around your house. We thought it would be fun to share a book in light of Helen's recent retirement.


What UFOs can you share with everyone?

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My best friend, Marie, and I have a "guild" with a few other women. We call it "Sew what?" Marie and I have tea several times a week and always pour over patterns in magazines. We shop for fabric together. They love to see us coming!

Marie and I sew together a few times a month. When I made my sewing center, which I will post pictures of, the sewing station on one end is for her. She gets together with the other "members" to sew. I have a 14 year old son and I'm a single Mom so I don't leave him for a big length of time just to go sew.

The reason we started a "guild" is because in MA if you are a member of a guild, most stores give you a 10% discount. That's like getting a yard of fabric free for every 10 you buy.


Have a safe trip,

God bless you, too,


I think that you and I would become fast friends. I have often thought that were I given the chance to make a few changes in my life, I would clone myself and one of the clones would be a stagers for homes being shown by realtors. Have you ever looked at real estate sites and seen a home that the house seems cute but the rooms are not condusive to getting the most for the place.

I love to read as well. I like murder mysteries and books where I am not just entertained but I learn something as well. Something that challenges my intellegence a bit.

We have talked about doing the guild route but likely it will be tabled until we get together in late September/early Octorber. Most of the shops do give discounts to guilds.

God never saw fit to give me children. He has allowed many childern of friends to become a big part of my life. I have been married three times (the first ending in divorce after 11 years, the second he died and Den and I were friends for almost 20 years before we ever thought of dating). I love animals and have a ShitTzu named Buddy who keeps me smiling and is always a source of joy.

I am a born again Christain, not the zellot type. I have lived in many parts of the US. Loved, loved loved Boston. There for the 4th and sat on the commons and listened to Sandi Patty sing with the Boston Pops. Drove up the coast to Bar Harbor hitting loster shacks along the way.


I have made myself a promise that I will work down my shash a bit before I embark on any more fabric purchases .................................. unless I see something that won't let me go. That happens more times than I like to admit.

Thanks for keeping me company in this the final stages of building my blocks for this quilt. Somehow, when I started this I never thought about what it would take to make 170 of these 5 inch blocks. All are Moda's Kansas Troubles. So the colors will all work pretty well together. I have start thinking about my borders. I like a nice drop to my bed quilts so likely I will add more than what they are asking for and use a king size batting.


We do have a lot in common. That's great.

Have you read any of Jodi Picoult's books? She can be very controversial in her topics. I love her writing. I prefer historical romance fiction. I read a lot for work so it's nice to have a book I don't have to think to enjoy.

Our guild uses the term loosley. We don't do formal meetings. We just get together and sew on our own projects. There is always lots of food when we get together as a group. Marie and I get together a lot. She lives two doors down and she is by far the best friend I have ever had. She's wonderful. I learn so much about her yearly. We've known each other for about 18 years, been friends for 14, and I just found out two years ago that she crochets afghans to give to the verteran's home in a nearby town. She'll bring them in December so they guys and gals get a Christmas gift. She does nice things and doesn't make a big deal about it. A true Christian.

I have my son Michael for a human child, and then four cats. We have a stray Siamese as well as a Mom and her kids, also strays. Nikki appeared at our door pregnant. She had five kittens. We found home for two. We ended up keeping her and three of her babies. Unfortunately we lost Leroy, our ultimate favorite, at age four and a half this past February. The storms in MA were bad this winter. I ended up having water come in the roof into the house due to ice dams. No one tells you this so I am going to tell you so perhaps you can pass the information. When water comes through your house like that, it travels through all the building materials. All the building materials are treated with chemicals. The water that comes through your house is toxic. Leroy drank some of the water and his kidneys shut down. He was dead in less than a week. We were keeping the cats away from the water coming in, but one morning we got up to a new leak...purple water all over my father's kitchen table. Just terrible. We miss him terribly.

Anyway, have a great trip and stay in touch,


When I started quilting 5 years ago I promised myself that I would finish everything I started.  I had heard about UFO's and was determined I would not have any.  Well, that lasted nearly 3 years.  Now I have 10!  It started out innocently enough; I made an entire top out of Michael Millers "Fairy Frost".  It was too heavy as a top and I didn't want to deal with it figuring it would weigh a ton after it was quilted.  So in a box it went!  Then one I just hated landed in the box and on it went.  I felt so guilty about wasting fabric, but then I read in a magazine that life is too short...if you're not enjoying what you're making then put it away (or give it away) and do something else.  I felt like I was given permission to not finish things if I didn't like them.  The problem is now I'm experimenting with Paintstiks and have several blocks that I've done that I don't like.  I'd love to toss them in the trash!  So, what do you do with experiments that don't turn out?  Or your practice pieces? 

Try using them to make a hodge podge crazy quilt. You may hate it but someone else may love it...like a person in a homeless shelter.

That's a great idea for the Paintstiks blocks, since they're not quilted.  That gives me a reason to keep practicing (Paintstiks aren't quite as easy as I thought they'd be!).  Thanks for the suggestion!

our guild is doing some thing this year with UFO  every made a list of 6 UFO then at the first meeting they pick a number 1 - 6 for the next meeting they had to have that number done and would get a ticket for a prise if there ticket was pulled it is working every one is getting things done Happy
I belong to a group that makes quilts for hospitals.  We take donated tops, add batting, backing and tie the quilts.  They are then donated to local hospitals and nursing homes.  When I was first learning to quilt I'd work on mastering a block before putting it into a "real" quilt.  All of my trials and errors were combined and donated.  I've also done the same with tops I lost interest in.  This group is nice because you just have to finish the top.   


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