Do you keep, sell or give away your quilts?  I've made well over 100 but I only have four in my possession.  At first I made them to give away to family members, then I started making them to donate to various charities (Project Linus, Quilts for Kids, AAQI, etc.).  Lastly I made them to sell.  Recently I sold 35 to one party and I'm having a really hard time missing them.  A few I didn't really want to sell, but we desperately needed the money and I got a very good price for them.  Has anyone given away or sold quilts and regretted it?

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The way I price mine is to take the cost of the materials and double it.  More if there is intricate quilting.  The experts usually charge by the square inch, from what I understand.  But generally the going rate is to double the cost.  If you add your hours it would be so expensive no one would buy it...can you imagine?  I'd hate to think of how many hours I put in vs. the amount I sold it for.  But for me it's just a matter of supporting my hobby.

I make unique quilted, machine embroidered wall hangings for our house.  We have a large home with lots of big white walls so they can SHOW.  We are retired, so when we are traveling in our 5th wheel, I have a simple Janome sewing machine and I piece quilts for donation to our local "safe house" through our local quilt guild.  it's nice to have that to give me projects to do in the RV.  When I get home, I send those out to be quilted and then, almost immediately, start something I really want to work on with embroidery included.  

I've never sold one - I can't believe anyone would pay me what it's worth.  I'd rather donate them - but those are not fancy quilts.

The quilts I've brought in the most money for are custom made ones.  I definitely get paid what they're worth.  But generally I just sell them for the cost of materials times two.  I just want to support my hobby.  Like you, the ones I donate are nice, but not fancy.

I usually keep the quilts that I make as a class project. When I make a quilt for charity (my local Binky Patrol group), I try to remember to take a photo and put the developed picture next to the directions in a notebook. I have made quilts for babies to give at baby showers and I have made quilts for the grandkids (just for fun, nothing fancy). Have made several "quillows" which I gave away. I have different quilts that correspond to the season of the year which I bring out when it's time. I have never sold a quilt, but I did win one in a raffle - that was a thrill!

And i usually forget to take pictures of my "donated" quilts - and regret that later. I really have to remember to do that - they are part of my history of quilting.  My "Baby Genius" quilt was for my nephew - I made a big point that it was to be USED on the floor - it was for him to play with - and I think that really happened.  But I don't follow up to find out what actually happens to that quilt. I figure if I give it away, it's there's to use.
To this day I don't have one of my quilts. I have only made a few and given them away to family. I am starting fresh with a new stash and planning on building one for myself.  I will include all of the fabrics and blocks i receive from you ladies too.  I will find a spot for them somewhere. I have made a few wall hangings also and gave them away too. I guess I have always enjoyed giving them away to my family who appreciates the warmth and color it puts in their homes.

I made a quilt for myself and ended up selling it.  The one I'm working on now is going to be mine...if I like how it turns out!  I have another one that's ready to assemble and I may keep that one...depends on which one I like better!

Everyone in my family has a quilt I've made, and now my mom and brother both want another one.  My brother wants a queen size with a cowboy theme, but I doubt I'll get around to it any time soon.  My mom has one I made for her, the one I made for my dad (who is now gone) and a third one that she requested for her birthday last year.  So, she won't be getting another for a long time!


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