I have all the time to sew and quilt but just have not been in the mood for it at all. It makes me feel like I am lazy but I KNOW I'm not a lazy person . I think maybe a bit of burnt out ???  Does any of you here sometimes feel like this ???  I have things to work on and just not interested...

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Oh my gosh...I've been on this board complaining about the same thing for weeks!!!  I totally understand!  In fact, that's why I joined this site...hoping to get the mood back.  I've forced myself to finish a UFO, and it was really hard to make myself do it, but it's done.  The thing is, I thought it would be me back in the mood.  I'm working on something right now just to make myself do it, but it's like I'm just not having that much fun.  I do suffer from depression and have been in the midst of a pretty bad episode, but I've had them in the past and don't remember stopping quilting.  I'm not the only one here in a dry spell either, so you aren't alone!
Glad I am not alone !!!  Its hard to MAKE yourself do it when your not into it !! I have alot going on to at home (all good) and guess its a distraction for me .Hope your dry spell want last to long !!

Agreed.   I'd rather watch a quilt show (or something else) than actually DO it at this point in my life.  I hate that feeling.  Thx (or no thx) to blu-ray & Netflix, I'm in a TV watching phase....so instead of sitting there idle, I a finally realized I can do handwork/embroidery & not be bored out of my mind.  I'm working on a redwork preprinted block set that I bought last year.  Maybe this will get me back into doing more tedious hand quilting/"take along" stuff since I don't have a TV in my craft room.


I also find that belonging to a quilt group at my church has helped at least get me out of my funk for a few hours.  I might quilt.....I might not. This group also has quilting retreats & my funk leaves town for those few days.  It's nice.  I get tons done.


Hope you can find a way to respark your mood.

You're so lucky to have a quilt group to belong to!  I'm in a very small town without any guilds, groups or classes, so it's kind of lonely.  That's why I came here; I figured a virtual guild is better than none at all!

A retreat would be so much fun!  I've gone on a women's retreat through church, but not a quilting one.


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