I always take a picture of the quilts I create and log who got the quilt, why, when, and the fabrics I used.  Do any of you out there also do this.  My girls just love it and are glad I am doing this.

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my girls have already discussed which of my quilts they get when i die! ~~~hahaha~~~ i keep expecting to find little tags attached with one or the other's name on them ;-)

O' that is helarious!!!  Yeah, my girls are going to have a rough time figuring that all out too.  But I have a long time yet, so they will have plenty of time to think about it.  LOL

i keep telling my girls i am not going anywhere anytime soon ... but they still lay claims ~~~hahaha~~~ been doing it since they were young. i guess part of it is 'cause we do not fear death and we have always had lots of family heirlooms in our homem, so it is a normal cycle of life thing to them that stuff goes to next generations. we love the pieces of the past that we have to pass along to the future. i treasure the quilts i have that were made by my family members and hope my children, grandchildren and future generations will treasure those and mine as well.

I have a black and white quilt I made about 3 yrs or so ago....my kids still argue over who gets it...so far we have left it to whoever is the highest bidder...lol....my kids are musical and it is patterned with musical notes and the like, with some geometrics thrown in for good measure....it's funny to watch them argue over it....

Maybe another quilt like it is in order!!!  It is fun to watch them, sometimes my kids are very discrete.   They look at each other and one or the other will say "dibs".  LOL

~~~hahaha~~~ don't ya love it?
i love to do B&W quilts and afghans. they just have an immediate impact.

some of my favorites have been b/w or even more impact...red, black, white......

Karen, red, white & black are my fav clothing colors! and, i adore doing quilts with them.
i have one shelf of my stash designated for my red & black collection, which also has some touches of gray, white or cream mixed in the prints. i am planning to do a Christmas quilt with them. i have a fabulous panel of Christmas cardinals that will be the center of the top. then, i have some cardinal coordinates to scatter throughout and fill in with my fabulous r, w, & b fabrics.
i also have a black and white collection, which also has a few touches of gray and cream in some patterns.
and, of course, there is the red shelf. and the black/gray shelf. and the white/cream shelf.

I'm sure you have created a lot of heirlooms that your family will love for years and generations to come.


I know they love them now.,....and i love making them....

What a wonderful way to create a "memory  lane" for yourself, and for generations to come. Keep up the great work, quilters!


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