I'm sure many have read a lot of these works. Curious about people's opinions.

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Love the Jennifer Chiaverini books.  Can't wait for the next one.  While reading them I feel like i'm a member of the group.  It's like I know them.....  anyone agree?
I agree whole heartily. The Elm Creek Quilters are friends who could be part of your real life.
I have read them all. My favorites are the early ones. However really enjoyed "The Union Quilters". What do others think?

I have read all of her books.  Am currently reading "The Union Quilters".  This book has a lot of history.  I am really enjoying this book.


I love all her books, but Union Quilters is the one that I just couldn't read. I think there was more about the war than I wanted to read about. I read at bedtime and usually can't wait to go to bed and read my book, but that was one that I just didn't enjoy.  Currently reading Senoma Rose and can't put it down. 

I've read them up to the Aloha Quilt.  My favorites are those set in the present.  I'm not at all into historical fiction and I found myself extremely bored with those particular books.  I buy mine used on Amazon and pass them along to a friend when I'm finished.  Is the Union Quilters set in the present?  If it's not, then that'll be the one book I won't read.
Hey Bridget! It is set in the past.
I have read all but "The Union quilter".  I love the historical ones - especially about the Underground railroad..know their is controversy over the subject - but I prefer to believe.
Love her, obviously, can't wait for the next book, the Wedding Quilt to come out!
Do you know when it is coming out Lana? Isn't that one where we will find out about the twins?

to be published Nov. 1st it says on her site.  Yes we find out about the twins and hints that there will be two weddings.


Thanks Lana!


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