I've only recently started reading James Patterson's books. Well, not really reading - listening to them while in the car. I enjoyed Double Cross and the The Postcard Killers. I'm now looking for some others to pick up. Any recommendations?

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Two of my favorite authors are Jennifer Chiaverini writes a fiction series best known as Elm Creek Quilts, or Marie Bostwick, A single thread, A thread so Thin, a thread of truth and so on.  All fictional stories about quilters, unfortunately they do have a girlish lean to them.  but I do really enjoy them.  don't know if they are on audio or not.
I love Marie Bostwick too! Have read the four out so far & am waiting for the next one! I have read several of Jennifer's also & love them. One or two, I have heard, deals mostly with history, so not sure that one would interest, but I like all the ones center around that circle of ladies in her books..

If you're a fan of Sherlock Holmes, I highly recommend a series by Laurie King, in which Holmes, in semi-retirement, meets a young lady who just may be his intellectual match. The first entry in the series is entitled, "The BeeKeeper's Apprentice."


Ann, I love this series!  Lately I've been reading Margaret Frazer mysteries.  Her style is a lot like Laurie King's.

Tim, any of his Alex Cross novels are worth the read. My favorites are his early ones. #1 Along Came A Spider #2 Kiss the Girls #3 Jack & Jill #4 Cat & Mouse

His Maximum Ride series is also good.

One of my favorites are the books by Sue Grafton...the alphabet series.  "A is for Alibi", "B is for burgler", etc.  I believe U is the most current one.  They're good mysteries.

Any of his Women's Murder Club series are great.  I was led to them by reading the majority of his Alex Cross novels.  I have actually read several of the Maximum Ride series, which is supposedly geared more towards the teenage set, but I found them very interesting to the point where a couple of them I could not put down and had to rush to the store to buy the next one to find out what happened next.  Needless to say I am a huge Patterson fan, but I also like John Sanford novels - The Prey series.  If you have not read any, they are written a lot like Patterson, the majority of them are based in Minnesota/Wisconsin, part of the reason I like them so well, but I suggest you read them in order.  The first novel would be Rules of Prey.  He also wrote several novels under a different name I believe it was James Camp - they were the Kidd novels.

Good luck and have fun reading, I can certainly say all the books and authors listed above are great reads and I actually have read the Sandford novels twice and quite a few of the Patterson ones too.

Loretta Yerbich Aymond

P.S.  I have several more recommendations, but I thought this was a good enough start, contact me if you are interested in any more.


I think the Alex Cross ones are my favorite ones, but anytime I see a new one out by him in pb, I check it out. John Sanford's prey books are on my list too, I keep watching for ones of them I haven't read yet.
James Patterson is one of my many favorites.  He publishes so many that it is hard to keep up with him.  I also enjoy Janet Evanovich, Sue Grafton and Lilian Jackson Braun.  I read a lot and now have started getting books on CD to listen to while I quilt or knit.
Depending on what kind of book you are looking for, I love the books by Lisa Gardner. When I first got my Nook Barnes and Noble was running a special on one of her books. I bought it for 99 cents and I fell in love with her writing style. I have since read most of her books.  Her books are mystery/detective/ FBI profiler type of books.

I love her books too, I recognize the name!


The nursery rhyme title ones are good, & also, the ladies detective groups one, starting with "!st To Die". Tess Gerritsen has done some good books too, she does the Rizzoli & Isles stuff too, on tv now...



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