Hi Ladies!

     I think a good place to start is with an introduction. Tell us a little about yourself, how did you begin quilting, where do you like to buy your quilting supplies.

I'll start:

   I'm Sue from Raleigh. I have only been quilting just over a year. I joined a crafting group in Cary soon after I moved to Raleigh and a few of the girls in the group quilted. I had always wanted to learn how to quilt and the ladies from the group were very supportive. I bought a used sewing machine and made my first quilt, a pin-wheel baby quilt. I like to shop at Quilts Like Crazy in Wake Forest and when I need a quilt quilted I will take it to Whatever's Quilted in Wake Forest. I look forward to talking to you ladies!

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My website is http://www.underthisquilt.com. I'll be sure to check out your links! I had considered an Etsy shop but I put that on hold because of the NC Sales Tax issue. I was able to load a software program on my website to handle the calculations at check out so I decided to go that way for now. Sounds like you really have a full plate! Enjoy your day too!

Kathleen,   I just visited your website.  It looks great - very professional.  I had considered going that way, but tried Etsy first and I like it.  You can adjust for the NC sales tax on Etsy, even though it varies by county.  They do have a place where you can enter sales tax by zip code or state and then it is automatically added to any orders that correspond.  

I really enjoyed reading your introduction about yourself and making group quilts for people.  That is a special niche.  It made me feel good just reading about it.  Good luck.  Maybe we can meet somewhere, sometime.


Jennifer, Thanks for the feedback on my website. The "from all of us" quilt is my favorite quilt to make. I came up with the idea when a co-worker was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and we were all feeling helpless. It ended up being such a rewarding experience for everyone because you don't have to be a quilter to be involved process and our co-worker was blown away not only by the quilt but all of the personal messages from everyone on the back. I look forward to meeting you. I'm open for lunch or dinner the Thursday of the expo.

Maybe we could meet for lunch.  That would be nice.  I was going to attend with my Mother, but she has delayed her vacation and is not coming to visit until after the Expo.  

Hello All, My name is Lisa and I am from Greensboro. I am a member of the High Point Quilt Guild, and I am the chairperson for the charity quilts program. We currently are making quilts for the cancer patients of the Hayworth Cancer Center, part of the High Point Regional Hospital. Each patient gets a homemade quilt and a handmade bag to carry it in back and forth to their treatments. The bag can also carry a book or bottle of water, ect.. We started doing this one year ago and have delivered 136 quilts so far.


I started quilting about 30 years ago but put it aside to raise my 3 kids. As they got older I got interested in it again and now I am in it full force! My husband bought me a Janome Horizon 7700 for Mothers day and I just love it. I have never had a sewing machine like this before. I have always had the cheap ones you get at Joann's or Hancock's. But one day he saw me struggling with it and told me to go buy a good one. Now he has promised me I could get a longarm when my daughter graduates from her expensive school she is going to in Raleigh, The Living Arts College. She is going for animation. Then I have another daughter at App State in Boone. So the cost of a longarm is out of the question till they are done. My son is living in Cary now with his girlfriend.


There are several stores here by me that I shop at, and a new one just opened up a month ago. This is a great area to be in for quilting. Olde Forest Quilt Shop is my favorite, then the new one Calla Lilly, Dragonfly in High Point and several in Winston-Salem as well.


There was alot of talk of the Sewing Expo in June. Did you all make to the expo? I have not gone to one of those yet. My friend and I have been going to a larger quilt show and I have been saving my money for that. We are going to the Williamsburg, VA quiltfest in Feb. I can not wait. We had such a blast last time. Last time I targeted new gadgets and tools. This time I think I will be targeting the fabric!


Did you all hear that there will be an AQS show in Charlotte next Aug? Our guild is planning a bus trip to go.


I look forward to getting to know everybody.

Hi Lisa! Welcome to the group! I live right near the Living Arts College! When we first moved here those buildings were the topic of A LOT of conversations between my husband and I wondering what they were! This year I did the Quilt Carolina Shop Hop and went to The stores out there in Winston-Salem, I really liked the Little General. Have you been to Sewingly Yours in Lewisville? I know it is about 40 minutes from Greensboro, just outside Winston Salem but I loved it!

A friend and I went to the Sewing Expo in June. It was the first time I have ever been to one, but it was a blast! I spent a ton of money too...there was so much FABRIC!

Talk to you soon!

Hi Sue! No I have not been out to Sewingly yours in Lewisville. I am taking a class at Sew Original in W-S right now though. I will have to check it out as well as the Little General. I have gone out your way to Thimble Pleasures and really liked that one. Nice and big with a great selection. I went there when I was helping my son move in to his apt in Cary. I keep meaning to go back there, but just never make it.


The Living Arts College has a very good record for job placement when the kids are finished. Many in my daughters field have gone on to work for Dreamworks, Pixar and Disney. Thats what she wants to do. And she is doing extremely well so far, making all A's. This from a child we didn't think would graduate high school!! LOL Funny what they can do when they really want something.



Hi Lisa! I really like Thimble Pleasures as well! There is also a shop in Cary called The Cary Quilting Company that I like as well! And in Raleigh we have Wish Upon a Quilt that is really good too, I go there often! Wake Forest has Quilts Like Crazy, that is the shop I most go to because it is only like 5 minutes from my house!

I hope that when your daughter graduates she gets to work for Disney! They are an amazing company to work for. I used to be an assistant Store Manager for the Disney store and they were always awesome to us...until they closed our store anyway! I will always thing fondly of my time working there! It was like a super mini version of a Disney World gift shop...we even had to ask customers for their "autograph" and tell them to "have a magical day" when we were done ringing them out at the "box office!" To this day I still say "guest" instead of customer when talking to my staff or DM and I haven't worked for Disney in 5 years! Anyway I wish your daughter the best of luck with the rest of her schooling!

Talk to you soon!

Thanks Sue. I am going to have to try that store in Cary. I can use a visit to my son as an excuse to go out there, lol. Maybe my friend and I can do a mini shop-hop of our own one Saturday. That would be fun.


My daughter has her heart set on Pixar. Thats all she talks about. We'll see. As long as it somewhere that she can pay her bills will be fine with me!



Hi! My name is Sherry and I am from New Bern.  I started quilting about 4 years ago then took a hiatus for the last two years to go back to school and get my bachelors degree.  I just graduated in December and now I ready to get back to quilting and sewing.  Also I bought an embroidery machine to add to my arsenal of machines.  I am hoping that this year I will have fun making quilts for my family and I would like to do some for Quilts for Kids and also Quilts of Valor.  I am not a member of a guild as they meet during the day and I have a full time job.  So, instead of a guild, I am a member of several Facebook groups for quilting and sewing. I look forward to also sharing successes and flops with you ladies here.  Happy New Year!

Hi Sherry! And Welcome!! Congratulations on graduating and getting your degree! I am surprised to hear that the guilds in your area meet during the day. There are several in my area of Greesboro/High Point and they all meet at night.  Congrats also on the embroidery machine! I would love to own one! But a long arm is next on my want list right now.


Happy Quilting



Hi Sherry! Welcome to the group! Congratulations on getting your Bachelors degree! I can't wait to see some of your new work with your new embroidery machine!


Welcome Quilters!

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