Fall/ pumpkin themed but NO HALLOWEEN  blocks please!!!!!!!

This swap will be for 12.5 inch blocks. Applique, piecing or embroidery. If you choose embroidery make sure its a large pattern so that there is not a little patch on a large block please.

I am looking for 12 swappers only on a first sign up basis. 

You will have a full four months to complete the blocks! 

So what do you see when you look into your pumpkin patch?? Pumpkins surely!  But is there also a scare crow? Black birds? Squash? Use your imagination! 

.                                     RULES: 

Blocks will be DUE no later than September the 20th! That means they need to be in my hands by that date! 

********************** late blocks will be returned to you untraded***************

Use Quality fabrics! Use fall colors!! 

You will send me a self addressed and stamped envelope for return of your blocks. 

If you forget your postage I will hold your blocks until you send me the return postage!

If you can't make the due date please just say so soon enough that we can attempt to get a replacement swapper! 

You MUST comment regularly so that all swappers can see activity on your part and know you are still on board with us. Even if you just shoot me a personal message that is fine as long as I know you are still with us. if I don't hear from you regularly I will assume you are no longer interested and your spot will be replaced. This will stop any disappointing situations where someone signs up and then we never hear from you again.

 Block 1 group:                      block 2 group: 

1. Carla Walton - DONE         carla - DONE

2. Kenya Hampton - REC.     kenya - REC.- Blocks on hold

3. Connie Wilkerson. - REC    Connie - REC. Blocks on hold

4.Wilma Kays.   REC.   - Del.           Anna -  REC - del

5. Jean m. - REC.  -Del.               beth - REC - Del

6. MARY-ANNE B. - REC.  On Hold      Jean  - REC. - Del.

7. Beth North     - REC - Del                group 2 closed.

8.  Anna   -   REC - del                      

9. Kathy Gurgone - REC. -  Del. 

10. Lisa Gorski - REC - Del. 

.        Let's Have Fun!!

Started May 20th

Ends September 20th

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I don’t know yet! I thought about putting them with our fish since they are beachy colors but I need to lay them all out to see how they look. Just can’t get to sewing machine. I’m sealing floor now! Should of done that before getting furniture in. 

Just so you know....i thought about mixing mine with my fall stuff but they are not 12.5 they finish at 11.5 so you would have to adjust something somewhere.

OM that’s cute! I like the stars in stashing Who gets this?

I am probably keeping it. I like the seasonal quilts. 

Sounds selfish i guess. Lolol. But here is my reasoning: 

Quilters always give quilts but never get one. I like to keep the quilts that have all of you ladies blocks in it because it's like getting a quilt in a way since i didn't make the whole thing. I like knowing other quilters work is in my quilt. :) they are so fun to look back on. That's why i desperately want to finish my other ones. Some of the blocks we have are from quilters we haven't heard from in years!! But they will be remembered in these quilts.

No, not selfish.  Besides, there is a very good chance that when you and I are gone that someone will be gifted with our creations.  I know Cristin intends that her brother and she will pick some favorites and then charities will get the majority, if they are in good condition.  I figure that having some quilts around keeps us warm and also keeps me inspired to make more.  Not that I need much arm twisting to make more. ;-). And I agree that the swap ones are special.

Here is what i have so far. I need to make two more blocks. One will be a barn block and the other a skinny pumpkin. Some of the stars got lost a little in the darker squares but i like the setting anyway. I will add a light border all around followed by the all over pumpkins on the right. Question: is it too busy? Or is it o.k.?? It will be about 6 inches wide.

Not too busy for me, but I am probably more attracted to busy, lol, than most people..  I was thinking the white sashing did a great job of pulling it all together..  I have been trying to decide on sashing for my pickup trucks ...you've given me something to think about, Carla.  Thanks. 

Jean the sashing is kind of creamy white. So many of the blocks were off white and darker that a stark white didnt look good. If i had to do this again i might have done black stars...and i actually did consider that but Orange gets so little time in quilts that i decided to let it shine in this one. Lol. Yellow may have been another good choice.

That makes sense - to use off white.  I like the Orange stars.  Wish I could figure out what I am going to use for the truck sashing.  All my backgrounds are made, about half are all stitched down and all have some stuff fused.  Maybe in a day or two I can take a picture and you gals can make color suggestions or maybe I will just pick something out and audition it for you.  But not now.  I am feeling exhausted.  Daylight savings gets me every time.

I think it is great! The white border outside will set off the blocks and then I think your pumpkin border is perfect for this quilt. This is SO CUTE!


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