Hi fellow applique'ers.

I have a problem i hope you can help me with.

I have been given a premade, thick, minky type blanket and was asked to applique a name onto it. Theoretically, not too big an issue... use thick lettering.

Well, the lettering is Japanese and as you can imagine, the strokes/thickness of the symbol is on the narrow side, about 1/2" wide

i thought to do a double needle around the edges and then go around again with a zigzag. but i think the lines are even too narrow for the double needle on both sides of each "stroke", considering it will be "filled" with the thickness of the blanket

Any thoughts or ideas?


much appriciated.

sharon sebrow

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Could it be done with machine embroidery instead of applique?  I agree that the thickness of the minky will cause problems with a very narrow applique.

i wish, she picked out an asian fabric and is very insistant. thanks though.

why double row? i use minky type fabric for grand daughters quilts and toys etc. i use short stay-stitch along very edge. then go back w narrow satin stitch. understand the brush strokes used for japanese hieroglyphs (sp) - but just make the symbols slightly over large. then as above. tedious..wouldn't be quick & easy, but certainly doable.

thanks. i am not sure why i thought double. you are right, i dont need double. i guess i will give it a try.

I would applique the name on by machine using a blanket stitch.  The outline will show to the other side but hand applique would be too difficult on minky.

I agree, the blanket stitch, or a fancy stitch around it would be easier, good luck!


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