Impossible Mission - September - It's the Small Things that count- Winner - Mary Moore

Ah, September and it is finally cooling down a little.  Our Secret Santa sister's boxes are starting to fill up so it is time to think about some small things to fit into it.  This month's mission is to think of a normal, everyday item and miniaturize it into a cute pincushion.  This should be a pincushion that would look cute sitting on a side table that your SS sister can use while she is sitting and watching TV, and catching up on some last minute sewing.

We have some really creative ladies in our group, so I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

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Cute.  Always amazes me the creativity of this group.

Can I compete something I just made for me?  My next month sock is going to have 100 to 300 beads.

The sock's name is "Bling"  so I am favoring the shinny ones on the left. Please vote for your favorite bead.

The yarn is called "Peace Rose."

I use my trusty quilting needles and quilting thread to attach the beads, so needed to invent a way to string them and not get too tangled.  And of course a way to store other beads and the clam shell that holds them while stringing.  I weighted the lid a bit so I won't knock it off the table as often.

Now I need a larger knitting notions box that this will fit in.

Wow, that’s a lot f beads.  Like the shiny beads.  Just finished this sock, no beads, and my hubby wants me to finish 2nd sock as it is cooling off here.

I like the two colors and the textured anchor.  You know I wouldn't be in this knitting frenzy if you hadn't introduced me to tour de sock summer before last.

Oh dear, I know.  It is addicting and I am planning on making one of the socks in honor of Adrienne (BellyButtonKnits).  What a shock.

Lovely yarn! And beads on socks is a new concept for me...l'd have never in a million yr. thought of that. Such a pretty paper weight. There must be a story behind that...tell us the story, Mary...pleeeeeeaaase..


I like the shiny ones.  That yarn is very pretty.

Wonder what challenge October will bring....

 to follow this months challenge.  The paper weight is a stuffed pin cushion (glued inside the can lid) for my needles and threads filled with beads.  They will hang down in the can and hopefully not get so tangled.

Oh my what a terrific idea! Now l need to get a closeup of that "paperwt. " pin sure looked like a glass piece on my tablet, lol.

I am so sorry everyone, but my cup has been running over a bit lately, and the mind has started it's own vacation.  I totally forgot about the September vote.  If everyone will send me their vote in a message, I will get them on Monday and announce the winner at that time.  Again, I apologize.  Hope to hear from all of you soon.


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