Impossible Mission - NOVEMBER - Grand Finale - Sweatshirt Jackets Or Quilted Hug

This mission has been revised.  For the grand finale, you will have the choice of either doing a sweatshirt jacket/cardigan or a quilted hug.  And for any of you who live in a warmer climate, where one of these is not needed, then it will be perfectly acceptable for you to donate it to someone in need.

There are some wonderful examples of these on Pinterest and Facebook, so let your creative juices flow.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

P.S.  You will not be posting pictures of this mission, as your Secret Santa sister will post the picture when she receives it in December.

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Thank you Linda,

The pattern would be great, that way I can modify it if needed. Or if you have a link to one... I have not looked really, that too would be nice.  I have been making quick quilts for great nieces and great nephews, Beth might be tired of all I have sent, but she has been so wonderful as always to do them. I have a few for After Christmas. I am sorry your pain has been bad, glad it is doing a bit better. There were many nights I could not rest do to pain in my feet, then more recently dizzy spells from neck tightness . Getting older is a blast !


Getting old is not for sissies! LOL

Hahaha ! I just needed to read this. I traveled all over europe for the last 9 days and my body is hurting so bad from all the flying, trains, busses, cars and walking. It taxed me beyond my limits. So glad to be home! 

Anna "Oost west tuis best"...East , west, home's translated from the Dutch saying my  grandma said every time she returned from a trip, lol. You'll have some great photos & memories after the pain is gone.

Welcome home, Anna!

Thank you ladies. I saw my accupuncturist andf am feeling significantly better. I am still recuperating but all the Dutch goodies and memories of seeing the grandchildren in Scottland are sustaining me.


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