Impossible Mission - NOVEMBER - Grand Finale - Sweatshirt Jackets Or Quilted Hug

This mission has been revised.  For the grand finale, you will have the choice of either doing a sweatshirt jacket/cardigan or a quilted hug.  And for any of you who live in a warmer climate, where one of these is not needed, then it will be perfectly acceptable for you to donate it to someone in need.

There are some wonderful examples of these on Pinterest and Facebook, so let your creative juices flow.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

P.S.  You will not be posting pictures of this mission, as your Secret Santa sister will post the picture when she receives it in December.

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Hope the healing process is going well.  Bad times be in a cast, Wilma!

Agree, and my first cast ever.  Pretty good for this 75 yo.  The boot today, it is inflatable too so gives extra support.  Will be using a walker to support the lack of use of my left leg.  But progress being made.

Wilma, l'd be in " sewing withdrawal". Can't you run your machine with the go/ stop button with pedal unplugged? Or is it an older one w/ o that feature?

Both of my machines are fairly new.  It is my left foot that had surgery.  Problem is the swelling and it isn't easy to keep it elevated for any length of time.  So I manage a bit at the machine, but not much more than 30 minutes with foot down.

Today, I got the "Boot" so am now able to do minimal walking.  Need to order an "Even Up" foot leveler for the right leg so I am not tilting and causing back/knee issues.  If it isn't one thing it is another.  Am hoping that I can do more walking the 2nd week...this week just a few steps and standing as the muscles have to all stretch again.  Return on 12/9 and if all is OK get to start the physical therapy process.  Having 1/2" of heel shaved off has a long recovery, but at least the Achilles Tendon is no longer being forced to stretch out and causing other issues.

Beautiful job!  I had to click to see what the print was - love the birdies!

Melanie, below is selvedge info. I bought it at Fabricland in Canada, a few yr. ago, same company is Fabricville in USA. I never found a project to suit it until this one...l seamed the wide strip at back of neck to keep birds upright. Easy to do invisibly with all the open background of print.

Riana, that is such a cozy looking hug.

Mary, looks like she's having trouble figuring out how it goes on...can't believe my hubby didn't get it on her right! I sent him a note on messenger, sigh.

My SS, don't get mad at me, but I do not have the time to make any of these. But, please if you are my SS... unless you are just dying to make one for me, I would rather not get one. It is a cute idea, but I would never use it.  I would rather get a bag for my mom's walker.  I wish I had time to make one of these, I really do think the idea is cute !!   

Zoe, if you don't get a bag for your mom's walker, let me know. I just got a new pattern. It has 2 versions. I'm still trying to decide which I want...actually I want both. I'm also, still trying to decide what fabrics to use. Hopefully, I will decide and get my new one made over Thanksgiving weekend. I've had the same one for 12 years. It's seen better

Linda, thank you. I did not want to sound like I am not wanting to play by the fun. My SS's box is actually over flowing.. will not fit in a Flat Rate box. I still want to make one more thing for her, if I have time, and if not she gets the pattern.   

Yes, I would enjoy the pattern too for the walker. Thank you !!  

Zoe, I can either copy the pattern or make one for you. You did not sound like you did not want to play. This mission was not for everyone. With Indy getting sick this year and my health issues, I just lost my sew mojo and haven't had time. I'm starting to sew again on smaller things now that Indy is better. My pain level is coming down with the nerve blocks so hopefully will be back to sewing quilts again next year.


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