This month's Impossible Mission is for all of you talented hookers.  NO, not that kind!!!   The kind we are looking for are those with a great imagination, a lot of talent, and nimble fingers.  And this is not limited to just one kind of hooker.  Whether it is crochet, rug, tatting, or even fishing, we want to see what kind of wonderful things you can come up with.  The challenge, should you decide to accept it, is to make it in your SS sister's favorite color(s).  So, do we have anyone who makes fishing lures?  Doily Divas?  I can't wait to see what hidden talents some of you have.  Good luck, and may the best hooker, WIN.

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Nice cover.  Will come in handy.

Mary, l love the Navaho style piece. That would look great on the wall hung my strands from an interesting wood twig! Personally, l don't use a cell phone, just my tablet using internet...but it's a cute cover to protect a phone. The great thing with it is it should conform to fit various sizes.

Beautiful color, Mary.  Traditional dyes or natural?   And I think the cellphone cover is a great idea - wish I'd thought of it!

Very nice cel phone cover. I need one for my camera

Mary, I love the hand spun hand dyed yarn. This kind of  gift is meaningful and extra speical because it is who you are. I loved it when I received from Ginny her hand made calendar cover and mug rug, canning jar lid pin cushion (where I keep my needles). jar opener and home made jam, a family recording of gospel song etc. It  gives the feeling of being a close knit family.

Wow Mary, what a cool idea.  And I love the color.

Unnatural dyes.  Though my weaving teacher had a whole wall of cochineal dyed skeins as she repaired old rugs for the Southwest Museum in Los Angeles.  She made me do natural dyeing from the plants in my yard..all of which faded back to grubby yarn color. 

It's done! I'm so happy with how this turned out...has a lovely soft drape to it.Yarn is silk/ rayon/ acrylic bouclè .

Kathy, thankyou for this challenge! I've avoided crotcheting as l thought it would hurt my wrist. But with sessions of no more than an hour at a time, l had no problems. So now l know :-))

                                                         Second photo showx the pattern.


Beautiiful Riana,  Looks soft and elegant.

Beautiful and I love the colors.

Very pretty, Riana.  I am glad everyone is having fun with this challenge.


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