This month's Impossible Mission is for all of you talented hookers.  NO, not that kind!!!   The kind we are looking for are those with a great imagination, a lot of talent, and nimble fingers.  And this is not limited to just one kind of hooker.  Whether it is crochet, rug, tatting, or even fishing, we want to see what kind of wonderful things you can come up with.  The challenge, should you decide to accept it, is to make it in your SS sister's favorite color(s).  So, do we have anyone who makes fishing lures?  Doily Divas?  I can't wait to see what hidden talents some of you have.  Good luck, and may the best hooker, WIN.

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Great knitting , Wilma! Those slippers look really cozy. 

Tried twice with my photo...not loading...3rd times' the charm, right?I just love this yarn! 

Nice yarn, your SS will enjoy the warmth....scarf or shawl.

Love that pattern and the yarn, Riana!

Really like that yarn too,  what's it going to be?

A shawl if enough yarn...otherwise a scarf,lol.

Very nice yarn, Riana.

Tried to crochet last night and this morning.  Realize I haven't done it since a Carpel Tunnel siege following a binge of doll clothes.  May have to turn in the shawl as my competition, even though it is knitted.

Mary I do not see a problem with the knitting and over all preffer things knitted as they have more drape and stretch especially when it comes to a beautiful item like the shawl you made.

While I don’t have carpal tunnel....I have heard from many with arthritis or CT that crocheting is harder on the joints than knitting.  I am a continental knitter (not a thrower) so have even less stress.  My sister prefers crochet and her joints definitely suffer, especially when she makes her little animals.  Slow and easy...and hooking can be knit, crochet or rug...all of it is hooking to me.

Kathy, if I am misunderstanding this challenge, please let me know and I will pull out the crochet hooks.

It doesn't matter.  Just have fun with it.  Heck, I am still waiting to see if someone will make fishing  Even though I am a bit of a sucker for a nice doily.  But seriously, any yarn art project would be acceptable for this.

A 32 year old UFO!  I used to hand spin and dye for knitting and was trying to learn Navajo Weaving when we moved and the loom was never set up again. The uneven yarn looks better in the rug.   Finally tied it all off and it lines the yarn drawer.

So, with some of the left over yarn, I have crocheted a cell phone cover!  Hand spun cellphone cover.  What is wrong with this idea?  This is my OFFICIAL entry.

Nice cell phone cover Mary


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