Let’s make a fun quilts for youngsters!  


1)  Use Quilting Store QUALITY fabric, please.

2)  Remember kids’ quilts need washed more often than other quilts, so PRE-WASHED fabric will be best.

3)  Please make sure your cuts of fabric are child appropriate and at least five by five inches.  For tall jars you may want to swap cuts that are ten inches high and five wide.

4). Cut and send fabric in any amount from ten to twenty-four pieces.  You will get back that amount of fabric.

Deadline for the fabric to be in the mail will be May 12, but if you want to send it earlier so we can get started making jars, I will try to return different fabric to you in a timely fashion.

Message me for my new address, please. 

Let’s have fun making fun for some kids!  


1.  Jean McCusker    (received)           

2.  Connie Wilkerson 

3.  Carla Walton  (received)

4.  Cristin McCusker  (received)

5.  Melanie Keith   (received)

6.  Wilma Schirra-Kays  (received)

7.  Wilma Schirra-Kays  (received)

8.  Gayle Clements   (received)

9.  Wilma S-K  (received);

10.  Jean M.  (received)

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Carla, are you in?



In case anyone needs a refresher coarse 

Good thought, Carla.

This is great tutorial.  Jenny’s tend to be.  Hope this reassures you quilters that we can use a variety of fabrics in an I Spy quilt.

We are talking pieced jars correct? 

I was, but if someone wanted to do an appliqué one, why not?  The only thing is that the stitching arose the appliqué should be closer together than a blanket stitch since it may be getting washed a lot.

I am unable to join the swap but would like to try and make the quilt and join in the dicussion if that would be ok?  Where do I fine the pattern?

You’re welcome, Gayle!  So far we haven’t gotten details of what we are doing, in terms of whether our swap blocks will be on point or not.  So until we do, I suggest watching the link Carla posted above.  It will give you the basic idea.  Glad you’ll be joining the chatter.

I dont think jars would be that friendly on point. And it limits your possible settings too. For example if you were to put them on a shelf etc.

Thank you Jean.  I should have been thanking you before instead of Connie.  Sometimes I do not pay enough attention to whom is doing what. :)

No worries, friend!  I confess I never noticed.


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