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I need some help on a quilt idea. My Grandfather passed away about six months ago at the young age of 96. I told my Grandmother I would make her a quilt out of a few pieces of his clothes if she would give them to me. A few weeks later, I was given a bag with possibly his entire wardrobe in it.


I have no idea where to start, and I am starting to think I can handle looking at his clothes which I haven't done yet. They are still in the bag. What are some good ideas for a pattern I could use?


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Hi Jacqui. Depending on what clothes were in the bag, how about a log cabin quilt, I think that they are beautiful in scraps. The other idea I have is a lone star quilt. I have a quilt that my great-grandmother made from all kinds of scraps of clothing. It is one of my favorite quilts that we have. I'd love to see what you decide to make. Good luck.

You have probably finished the quilt by now, but if you haven't, the easiest quilt I've ever done is a rag quilt. You can't make a mistake, you can add other fabrics to the clothes you have and then choose 2 flannel cuts for the middle and back of the quilt. I think it's a very nice thing to do. You are brave, not to sure I could pull it off.


How about a memory quilt with added pictures of him through  the years.  I made one and it turned out great.


Snowball blocks or the Bowtie pattern are good choices for making a memory quilt.  Either of these could be set with pictures. Check out t-shirt quilt patterns for other ideas to make it a very special quilt.  Very nice of you to do this for your grandmother. 
When our Uncle died, some family members made Teddy bears w/ his shirts. So many have enjoyed these teddies......A quilt would perhaps go to 1 or 2 family members....the bears went to SEVERAL that loved Uncle J.
Whatever your choice, it is a labor of love remembering a dear soul !
Is the quilt for you or her?? maybe a pic quilt with his clothes framing the pics like a star pattern
When you make the quilt, put a plain backing on the quilt and hand out Archival pens to the family and friends for them to write stories about your Grandfather.  I have made several quilts this way for my customers.  I tell them that when the little kids grow up they can read some wonderful stories about Grandpa.  As for the quilt, if you have shirts with buttons down the front  cut out rectangles and squares with the buttons still on and create a pattern with them.
I agree with Pam Bellis, Jacqui!  I love the log cabin made with old clothes.  I think of it as a sort of "building of a life"!  And if you have something of his that is red, it can be used for the centers!  Enjoy!

Hi, I made a "crazy quilt" for a friend of mine out of her mothers clothing.  She gave me two bags of clothes, I then took the sweatshirts and cut out the designs and used that as the center of the crazy block then just added pieces of the other clothing around and around until the block was as big as I wanted it.  I then used the fun stiches on my sewing machine.  I saved one of her dresses to use as sashing inbetween the blocks,  my friend loved it and it was easy and free form to do. Hope that helps.some

I have recently finished making a quilt from shirts and blue jeans .I really like the way it cam out

Here is a picture of it on my blog

I would suggest a simple Nine Patch.  Cut the squares any size you want.  I would use any of his shirts.  When my grandfather passed I cut up his pj's and made a quilt for my grandmother.  They were married 60 years. 


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