I have not been on this site for a long time. My son I cared for, passed away after a 25 yr battle with cancer, then I got hurt and had 2 years of recovery and now my husband is very sick. I have not made any quilts for quite awhile, but I did get 11quilt tops I had sewn to the quilters and now just have to bind them. I will post pictures later. This Covid 19 has been hard on alot of people! I am sorry if you have been ill or lost loved ones to this awful. virus. The Presidential election is a mess, too. I am so thankful we have our sewing talents to fall back on. We have decided to sell in OH and move back to TN. We lived in TN for 29 years and have been in OH the past 11 years. Our daughter, 4 Grandkids and 5 Great grands live in TN and one Granddaughter and 3 great grands in MI. We still plan on the move, but have to get things done here first. I cannot believe the sewing supplies and fabric I have collected! (Among other things!) Downsizing is very stressful for me. Happy sewing and may all of you stay safe and happy.
Hugs, Kathy

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Kathy, you show a great deal of strength, dealing with so many challenges. As one who has had major moves... my advice to you is not to downsize too small. We had a large home full of a family's worth of " stuff", and downsized big time after the nest was empty. Our cute little home on the river seemed fine at first...until we noticed no one was visiting. It was too small for guests. Hubby and I missed our " hobby" things ( even tho we both still worked). We sold it, and rented in town until we found our " retirement" home. It's not as big as the large family home was, but for 12 yr., we've enjoyed visits from our children and sleepovers by grands :-)) What l love is that there's a great layout, and space ...no more moving something out of the way to get at what's behind it,lol. Easy to maintain surfaces and airfiltration keep cleaning minimal. So, get rid of what you no longer need/ want, and donate to charity if you have way too much fabric or kitchen items...but keep your sewing tools, machine(s), and items you cherish. You can " declutter" by moving items to storage that you're not sure about. That way you can either retieve them when you move, or hold a sale and let them go. I hope you and your hubby get to spend delightful times with family soon. 

Riana, Thank you so much for your reply! Sounds like good advice to me!! Everyone says get rid of everything, I just don't have the heart to do that! Especially my crafting and quilting things. I especially like the part you wrote about visits from the Grandkids, and Great Grands for us!!! I have missed them so much and really look forward to their sleep overs. Also look forward to teaching them all sorts of crafts. I want a 2000 sq ft house but everyone says, that's too big! Not if you are a quilter, right? LOL I loved all of your ideas. My husband was recently diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. I had never heard of it before. It is a debilitating illness so I know we need an open floor plan. Please keep in touch if you can. hugs to you and Happy New Year!


I'll send you a " friend" request. If you choose to accept, we can then private message via the " inbox" ( upper right corner of any page on My Quilt Pl.) Things are a bit quiet on this site at present, except for the chatty ufo group, which also has extra ' pages'. We discuss everything there , (not just ufos)... join the group and make some friends. 

Hello Kathy...blessings to you and your family in this new year.  Sad to hear of your loss and your illness.  Hope you and your hubby can make the transition to a new home easily.  It is a lot of work, but taken a day at a time, manageable.  We have an open floor plan at 2096 sq ft in a senior complex here in Henderson Nevada.  Our kids/grandkids are in CA and GA, the youngest are now 15, so are at the teenage stage of learning to drive and friends stage.  The COVID pandemic has been hard on everyone, especially the elderly.  Mom is 99 and very hard on her and have seen a big decline.  She has severe dementia and isolation is not good.  The group Riana mentioned is very active and we bolster each other during these times.  While 2021 holds hope, I think it will be late in the year.....it’s almost like we are part of a bad movie. 

Blessing to you and your family, also. You are blessed to have your Mom of age 99. Covid is so devastating. I will be glad when this bad movie ends!! It has been a real nightmare for some. That and the election stuff. I am thankful to be a part of this group. Have a good week! hugs


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