I finally uploaded my pictures,but now I'm having trouble uploading a picture to my profile!

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If you move your curser up to the AQS logo you'll see a highlighted portion that says "Change Picture".  Just click that and then add a new picture the same way you added the rest.  Hope this helps!

Ok Bridget,you have to treat me like a 5 year old,that's how smart I am when it comes to computers.I've tried what you said but can't get it.Take me from the first page,do I go to Photos or what?


OK...you are on YOUR main page.  On the top left side of the page there is a logo that says AQS (where you want your photo to be).  If you move your mouse over that logo and hold it there, then a box will pop up that says, "Change Photo".  Click on that and you should have directions from there.  I'm not all that great at explaining things, but I try!  If that doesn't work, then I'd just try clicking on the logo and see what happens.  You can't hurt anything.  Let me know if you still can't get it.

Ok,I'm on my quilt place,it says "Invite friends" "Add Photo" "Add Content"

Am I on right page?

If so do I click on Add profile photo?


That's the right place...it's the profile photo you want to add. 

Well, I guess there's more than one way to skin a cat!  I just found an easier way (if you havn't figured it out already).  On the top right of your page it says "in-box", "alerts", "friends", and "settings".  Click on settings and you'll be exactly where you need to be to add a profile photo.

I did exactly what you said,went to settings +Photo upload photo+guess what?The picture of the little angel I wanted on my profile but it came up on my regular pictures.OK,I give up.Thanks for your help anyway.

Hi - we're very sorry you are having trouble. If you still want to give it a shot, please try this.


Go to your "My Place" page ( Click here ).

From this page, you should see the current profile photo of the AQS logo.


You should see the "Add Photo" bar on the image like the picture above. Click on the image/add photo area. This should open a page where you can control many aspects of your profile.

From this "My Settings" page, you can see all aspects of your profile - including your privacy and email settings. On the "Profile" - what you see in the above screen shot - you have a place to edit your photo. If you click the "browse" button, you should be able to locate the photo on your computer, and save it as your profile photo.

Don't forget to click the button to "save" at the bottom for the change to be made.

Hope that helps!


You helped me get profile picture,now how do you post a picture with your comments to someone?


Hi - can you please share more information regarding what you are looking to do?


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