Facebook, AQS asked "How old is your oldest machine?". We got so many responses we thought you'd like to answer that too. So, now it's your turn!

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A Singer Featherweight, 10/3/1933, 80 years old in a few months.  Runs like a dream. My husband has a German sewing machine (his father brought back from overseas) but we haven't been able to date it yet.

I have a Singer treadle machine that I believe is from 1896 (if I read the serial number correctly). It came with the original manual and attachment manual & leather belt. I also have my grandmother's electric Singer from 1926.

My oldest machine is a Singer Featherweight born May 22nd, 1946.  Her name is "Tish".

My husband purchased me a 1952 FW for a Christmas gift about 5 years ago.  It has the best stitch ever.  He wants me to use it as my sole machine, as much as I love my little FW... I just can't give up my Viking. 

My oldest is an 1893 Standard in a hand carved cabinet. It still has the orgional instruction booklet and all the attachments  and yes, it does work and I occassionally use it.  Can't beat a treadle for very heavy fabrics.

My oldest machine is a 1951 Singer (but not a Featherweight) from their centennial year, complete with the oval insignia. It belonged to my mother and I brought it home with me when I sold their house. I had it oiled and adjusted and it still works well. I wish I could have found the old treadle machine I learned to sew on, but apparently she got rid of that.

It is a Singer Featherweight and it was made in 1936. So my baby is 76 yrs old.

My two oldest machines were born somewhere between the late 1860s and early 1870s, then there are about ten more from the 1880s, a dozen from the 1890s, and I'm not counting the ones after that. I lose interest in them after 1930 or so, except for my Bernina. Most are treadles or hand cranks and work quite well. Some people collect stamps, I collect sewing machines :-)

My oldest machine is 40 years old and still going strong....New Home

Mine is a 1941 Singer, looks like a Featherweight on steroids.  Weighs a ton but is so reliable and easy to use that I just don't use the newer ones I've bought....

It sounds like a 99K. They are what is known as a 3/4 machine. They are just like the larger machine but only 3/4 as big. I have one of these.

I also have a 99K; it is heavy- but I sure love that machine! it's a 1956- beautiful and stitches the most precise, beautiful straight stitch. my 'fancy' computerized machines do not come anywhere close to the precision of that little singer. when I work on lonestar's or any other blocks/quilts that really need precise, even, straight stitches I turn to my 99. I consider it the best $20 I ever spent! *and to think it competes (and wins) over the machine I paid over $7000 for!* ~~ that one is good for fancy stitching, speed~~has it's place; but when good even straight stitching is needed ,,,


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