Facebook, AQS asked "How old is your oldest machine?". We got so many responses we thought you'd like to answer that too. So, now it's your turn!

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I have a treadle machine, I have no idea how old it is.   I bought it because a friend needed money and I have a lot of machines I don't use, so I thought "why not help her out and buy the machine from her".   What's the harm in one more machine I don't intend to use.

My oldest is a 1902 treadle that I purchased 40 years ago at an auction for $16.00. With a good clean up it still works great!

I have a 1901 White treadle machine that I bought at a rummage sale. It still has its original warranty dated Feb 14, 1901. Someone got it as a Valentines day gift?   It needs a new belt and cleaning. I would love to get it running. While I do all my quilting and piecing by hand right now, ( I really don't get along with my machine) I have this fascination with the treadle machines. I would love to try to make a quilt on one. I also have an early 1920's singer treadle. The machine is beautiful but is needs a belt and probably some other work to get it running. 

I have my Grandmother's machine.  It is the firstelectric sewing machine that was in Columbia City, Indiana.  My mom was born there in 1916. I am guessing the machine is from 1925 or so.  Anyone out there in Columbia CIty?

Do you have pictures?   

My oldest sewing machine I inherited from my mother in law.  It is a Pfaff professional machine used to make shoes and other leather goods.  I would say it was from 1937 or so.  I say that because that is when my husband was born. 

Both my Necchi and My Singer Featherweight were made in 1951. My featherweight also has the commemorative seal on it.
Bridget all machines have serial and model numbers on them. You can find their manufactured year by doing a google search for say How old is my Singer, Necchi, Brother, White etc. That is how I found out how old my Necchi was. MY singer hd the centennial commemorative sticker on it so their was not guess there.
My oldest machine is a 1910 Singer treadle machine that
was going to be thrown away because the owner did not
want it. It belonged to her grandmother. I could not bear
the thought of it going to tbe dump

Good for you.  I love my treadle too!

My singer featherweight is from the centennial anniversary year.  1951.  

I agree with Alice.  Cleaning and oiling and she still goes strong. I love my little Emma

I found a beautiful 1906 Singer Treadle machine on Craig's list last July.  It even helped me keep my sanity after Superstorm Sandy.  We were without power for many days.  I was able to piece more than half of a King sized quilt top that I had been working on before the storm.  It stitches so beautifully that I cannot tell which portion was sewn on the Singer and which portion was sewn on my Bernina 730.  Just a terrific machine to sew on.  I love it!


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