Facebook, AQS asked "How old is your oldest machine?". We got so many responses we thought you'd like to answer that too. So, now it's your turn!

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My oldest machine is a singer cabinet made in 1928. It still runs bought it at an auction 17 yrs ago for 25.00.
I have a Singer Featherweight that was bought when I was born over 60 years ago.  It was my mother's.  She got it as I was the third girl and my mother insisted on having an electric sewing machine to make all our dresses. It still works like a dream.  It is like sewing on a toy machine.   I love this little featherweight and cherish it because of its history and all the beautiful things my mother was able to create with it.

i previously said that my singer treadle was a 1927, but that information was not correct. after going to the singer web sight and looking it up i find that it is a 1917. also i am delighted to find out that my mother has the singer treadle  that my grandmother had and used in her living room when i was a child and i can't wait to dig it out and date it. i also intend to talk her out of it since i am the only one who sews in the family. :)  lucky me.

A lot of you have me in terms of age, but mine was the first sewing maching Iever bought. It has been around the world, well part of the way. When my husband was drafted into the military we took the machine with us to Okinawa. It is metal and as heavy as lead any still works great.It is a portable style. The weather in that sub-tropical climate was hard on it so I've had to reglue and recover the outside case. The joints were not very secure so I fixed it and is tight and doesn't look bad either. We bought in 1968. So that makes it 44 years old.

I have my first sewing machine that was a gift from my husband in 1971.  It is a Singer Golden touch & sew.  It was like the best one on the market then. Now I have a serger, just bought another singer (not sure of the yr) and I have a mini Jamone that I use to make greeting card designs.  Would love to have a quilter but don't know what to buy.Also have a treadle that I would love to sell(don't know the age)

I have 8 machines in the house...I only use one at a time!  One is the bent wooden covered singer machine, which is from the early 1900's.  I did get the full cabinet foot petal machine that was given to my grandmother.  It had been either her engagement present, or wedding present, late 1800's.  The wooden cabinet goes all the way to the floor, and has many doors and drawers in it.  I love that one.  The other White foot petal machine, I got in a yardsale and want to get rid of it.  Then I have a Singer Genie, a serger, and a Featherweight...which I'm ready to part with to a good home.  (Need references.)  I sew on a New Home, which is a Janome.  That's 7... I know I had 8 the other day... I will remember later...

I have a Kenmore sewing machine that is 40 years old.  It was top of the line at the time.  It has cams that go into the top and they do decorative stitiches.  It is in the original wood cabinet I purchased for it at that time.

I also have a New Home and a Viking that both need repair.  I just bought the Singer 160th anniversary machine that looks like the old black ones.  I love this one.

I have an old singer treadle which I learned to sew on.  My favorite electric machine is my 28 year old singer though!

I have a 1902 Singer Treadle that still works great. Also have 2 Singer featherweights that are from 1949.

My oldest dates to around 1895 or so.  My daily use machine is a ca. 1955 Montgomery Wards mounted over a set of treadle irons.  

I have a Pfaff from when I was8 years old which was 60 years ago.  My grandfather bought it for my grandmother, but she pretty much gave it to me.  In my teen years I began to use it and did so until I was about 40 years old.  Unfortunately, it is somewhat rusted out and I can't afford to have it completely overhauled, so it sits in the basement.

my oldest machine is a 1956 Singer 99-K. I love it! picked it up for $20 last summer at a neighbor's barn sale- it was pristine! decals all beautiful- it was clean- had been taken very good care of- i brought it home, printed off parts of the manual i needed- oiled it, threaded it & started sewing- it sews such a wonderful straight stitch- it is my (travel) machine- except- it does weigh! being cast iron-

best $20 i ever spent!


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