Facebook, AQS asked "How old is your oldest machine?". We got so many responses we thought you'd like to answer that too. So, now it's your turn!

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Bridget, thanks for the info.  My machine wasn't pulled right after threading.  My husband was messing with my machine.  He has gotten into sewing!  Nothing wrong with my singer!!


My Willcox and Gibbs treadle machine, according to the serial number, was manufactured in approximately 1892.  It is quite a gem.  We worked on getting it operational a few years back and I have completed a few projects on it.  It has a chain stitch that pulls out with just a tug if you want to do some basting.  Also, there is no bobbin.  Quite a neat little machine.  I have it open and on display in my living room.  I was using it for basting on a hand quilted project in this picture.

Very cool!

Wow, really cool!


Oh What a gem you have!!!!!!
 I have one that used to be my aunt's and is probably from the early to mid 1960s.I'm not all that sure on the date but it looks to be from that time.
Mariah, if you contact David McCallum at Featherweight RX and  give him the serial number off your machine, he can tell you the age and where it was made.....United States or England/Canada.  It's tough to tell the age just by looking because they changed very little over the years.  I have seen some of the machines that David has and even the very oldest can look like they were made yesterday
This is beautiful, what a treasure!

this is awesome. love it.


I have a pre civil war wheeler and wilson left handed treadle.  I also have several others as well that are singers.


Can you post a picture of it?  I'd love to see it!
My oldest machine is my mothers Featherweight (1951) Centennial model. I learned to sew on this machine as a child. There could not be a better machine to teach children on. I also have a 1955 reconditioned Featherweight. I love them both but, I long for a Singer treadle at times. It's part of the heritage of Singer and sewing in American today. I really don't have room for it but, so what?


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