Facebook, AQS asked "How old is your oldest machine?". We got so many responses we thought you'd like to answer that too. So, now it's your turn!

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My oldest machine is from the early 40's...WW2 era.  The metal is army green!
I think that my oldest machine is the treadle that belonged to my grandmother. The pattern on the machine is the "Red Eye". A few years ago I cleaned it up and put a new belt on it to make a quilt for my parents. If I remember correctly it was 1918. I can't get to it to recheck the date, there are things sitting on top of it.  I learned to sew on this machine. My grandmother would do the treadle and I would do the sewing. I collect vintage sewing machines, mostly Singers.
My fw was born May 24, 1938. She is 1 year older than my mother.
My oldest machine is a Singer Featherweight made during their centennial anniversary year 1951, complete with commemorative seal on the body of the machine. I take it in for cleaning and oiling once a year as it still works great. I even have all the original extras that came with it including the suitcase styled carrying case.
My oldest machine(s) is(are) treadle Singers. My parents assumed (correctly) that I would not be able to pierce my fingers without machine-powered assistance.
I have a treadle sewing machine that was my great, great-grandmother's.  I believe it is from 1901.  The story is that my great, great-grandfather bought it for her as a wedding gift. 
How do you all know the year your machine was made?  I wonder if there's some kind of stamp on mine; I've never really looked.  Mine has not been altered in any way (except for stuff like new belts and wheels).  I'd sure like to know the exact year; I just assumed it's from the early 40's because of the army green color.  YUCK!  But it sure knows how to do a perfect straight stitch!

If you have a Singer (which is the only ones that I have that is old) there is a website where you can look up your serial number and it will tell you when and where it was manufactured. Hope that this helps


I know with singers somewhere on the body is a serial #.  on a FW it's on the bottom, so just turn it over and look,  and there is a website that will date singers.  But I don't know about dating other machine models.

Bridget.  With a singer you can find out the year with the serial number.  I believe it is the same with most other older machines.  I did a search online for the Necchi I had with the serial number and had found out it was a 1951.  My singer featherweight I know the date because it is a centennial and had the sticker on the front

I have a singer about 18 yrs old.  I'm taking it in for repair.  It's noting up on the bottom and very loose tension!
Bridget, for those of us who have singers, there is a serial number stamped on the bottom of them; the singer website has a list of serial numbers and the dates they were released to the public. We call it our machine's birthday, but actually, the company made thousands of a model over several months then would release the group to retailers; thus resulting in the birthdate. Don't know who your manufacturer is, but you may have the same situation.


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