I have finished another quilt top, but I have no idea how to decide on the design for quilting! I'd like to quilt it on my sewing machine. It is a twin sized quilt. I'd love your suggestions on how you would come up with a design.

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I love it!  Great design and nice fabric choices! 

I would stitch in the ditch around the blocks and then I would use a stencil that fills the block and has a curved design that meets in the center, yet fills the block.

How to chose quilting....  one of the first things anyone should do is decide what quilting styles they like.  So I suggest to start collecting pix of quilting that you really like, be it from magazines or from the internet.  Save magazine clippings in a journal and ideas from the internet in a folder on your computer or bookmarks to the pix.  Then browse these pix.... ideas will come.


There are some questions to ask yourself.  Fancy or simple?  How is this quilt to be used?  Who's it for?  These are a few of the questions that I ask.  The answers will help on deciding the quilting.


Myself, I like lots of fancy quilting....


This pic has lots of different ideas going on in it.  First I stitch in the ditch around all my piecing.  Fancy quilting isn't going to show in the floral print, so a simple cross hatching in the center of the blocks and piano keys in the border are easy and doesn't draw away from the print.  I like feathers, so I would do feathers in the 1/2 circles and 1/4 circles.  I did put in some other options with radiating lines.... 


I would only do a fancy design in the one background area... I would do these all the same,  the rest you could stipple or what ever your favorite background fill is to do.  In the first pic I drew radiating lines, but am now not sure how that would meet up in the block intersections...


You can print you pix out and draw on them to get ideas of what you really like...  or put the pic into a plastic sleve protector and draw on it with a fine point dry erase marker.


Hope this helps....  :-)

Oh, my goodness! Thank you so much for the drawing examples! I love it! especially the feathers around the heart. I need to practice first, but I think I'll try that! I really appreciate your help.

The most important thing to do is.... draw, draw and draw some more.  I draw feather designs everyday!  I like graph paper when it comes to an actual design for a quilt.  I sketch out the block or shape I want to fill and start drawing.  My advice is to draw before you quilt, this gets your mind wrapped around the design and the muscle memory... so when you quilt it, it will be easier.


Glad you liked what I suggested....  :-)  Can't wait to see what you do!

I really love those feathers!  That would look great!
Kim - how do you draw the quilting lines on the photos the way you did? I need to learn how to do that!

Just a side note....  I do most of my design freehand, but there are lots of wonderful stencils out there that can be used.


Can't wait to see what you decide to do...  :-)

Find a design in a book, etc, and trace it on the sticky plastic wrap (Glad Press & Seal).  If you like it, you can stitch over the plastic wrap, which does not move while stitching, and then peel the plastic off.  I have been doing this on a long arm and also on a regular sewing machine for a couple years now.

Wow!  I would never have thought of this!!  I am going to try it as a practice run on just some scrap material!  I have been trying, for a LONG time, to get up the nerve to quilt something myself.  Hope this will give me some courage :)  Do you have to use a specific needle?  Thank you!!
I tried this, but I sure had a heck of a time picking out the little pieces.  Any tips?
That's exactly what I was thinking,  used some tracing paper once on a design and I don't think I got all the pieces out where the stitching was heaviest.  You can make your own stencils,  get a double bladed exacto knife and a very thin fine plastic (DBK stencil plastic)  the double bladed exacto will make channels and then you can use it like any stencil.  time consuming however.  Have heard lately the best way is to practice drawing the motif, then practice with a muslin sandwich and when ready head for the quilt.

never thought of this use for press & seal...great idea! i have used a piece of clear vinyl layed over draft of quilt ...then played with ideas for whole surface..wipe to adjust or change idea...but this stitching over the sticky stuff is great idea. thank you!!!


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