Hello fellow quilters,

I have heard of Photo Memory quilts, but have never made one. My boss came to me the other day and wants me to make a photo memory quilt for her 86 yr. old mother's birthday in June. I know there are sheets of fabric you can put through the printer, and I've watched a video on youtube mentioning something called Bubble Jet set. I don't know anything else about the process. Which is better for the photos the sheets that go through the printer or the other stuff? Any ideas or hints I should know about. I don't know whether to design a quilt with blocks or what. I will take any help you guys can give.

Thank you


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Hi Maryellen,here is a quilt I am working on for my nephew.  I did it by printing on the sheets that you iron on fabric.  They also have the fabric that you can print on but it was very expensive.  I do no know which one holds up to laundering better.  I made mine by doing log cabin strips around it in his school colors. 

I used publisher to design the blocks

cheri, what is Publisher?

Hi Cheri,

That's beautiful. What sheets  do you mean? Not fusible. Are you talking about the Bubble set stuff? How does that work? Is it a nuisance of a process?


Maryellen,there are sheets that have bubble jet solution on them,they are called Miracle Fabric Sheets.

You can make your own by soaking your fabric in the bubble jet solution.

Googele Miracle Fabric Sheets C.Jenkins.

Publisher is a microsoft publishing program.  I bought the photo sheets at walmart. They are where all the craft stuff is and you print on them and then iron on the fabric.  You can use an inkjet printer or a bubble jet but not a laser printer 


This is very easy. Buy photo fabric paper. I have used a brand by Jacouard readily available in Michael's or Jo-Anns. Make sure you  use an ink jet printer.  There are other brands that work very well also

Once you have the photo printed on the fabric paper, follow the directions to make sure you make it washable Usually this means ironing it.

Don't worry about Bubble jet.. that was used before the commercial product or by people who did this a lot and I think can save money by essentially making their own.

As far as design, you can go simple.. one easy thing is to place the image in a word document and add some type on a border  BEFORE you print out the photo.  


Once you have your fabric/photo, you will have to sew it into the quilt -- just as you would any block.

Thank you Donna,

Do you suggest only one photo per block or could I make some blocks only 1 photo or could I make some blocks single photos and some blocks collage photos. I'm thinking all individual photos would be best. I may have used this before to make labels for my quilts. I will google Jacquard. I never ironed it, so that's the secret to it not washing out. Ahha,

Thanks so much ladies,


Maryellen, this depends on your preference entirely. You have to decide how large the quilt will be and how large you want each photo to be, etc.

You can have some photos large, some small. Photo paper tends to be 8 1/2 by 11.

By the way, if the quilt is not intended to be washed ever -- say it is going to hang on a wall -- you can use your printer to put the photo on any piece of fabric.

What you do is iron on to the back of the fabric freezer paper. That gives it the stiffness to go through a printer. (Freezer paper is essentially what the commercial fabric paper is backed with.) According to what I have read, ONLY the black ink is safe to wash.   I have never done this myself but it has been recommended by others as long as you do not in tend to wash the fabric, as the color inks will wash out.


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