Good morning Ladies,

I have been reading our members posts here and Personally I feel this is getting out of hand here with the fabric quality ordeal.  I feel the same way Loretta does here.  We are here to have fun swapping with others.  I think if you feel some of the fabrics we have been sending back to you are too cheesy and low grade for you to swap and can't except the quality of the fabric we send out then please don't join the swaps.  We are here to trade as "One womans junk is another womans treasure" so to speak.  but as it is stated in the rules, NO see thru thin fabrics, ect.  That means 100% cotton which is what I sent out to you all in my swap.  Our ancesters didn't care what they used, they used what they could and made BEAUTIFUL quilts...and they lasted for years.

I have been sewing for many many years and my kids wear their cloths for meany years to come.

I shop at Joanne fabrics and walmart too and love their fabrics.  I'm not picky either what Shop I get them at as long as they are a nice fabric and I feel they will wear well.  

So if you feel that our fabrics aren't good enough quality, I'm sorry to hear that.  

You could swap amongst each other I guess.  In this group you have to trust your host to be fair to send you nice fabric you can use in your quilts...and just accept that.  I look at it this way I could use whatever I get on something...wallhanging or potholders or something like that.  

Anyway I just want to welcome all who would like to stay and enjoy the fun.  I want to encourage our new quilters to join in and have fun with us. I'm sorry if this offends some of you, but this is my group after all and I want to be fair to everyone here.

Happy Swapping ladies.

Diana, Owner and Administrator of the "Swapping" group.


~Home is Where your Heart is~

      ~And what you make it~

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I am gald to see this post, I have been contemplating joining in your swaps but have been hesitant because of seeing this issue. I too know the difference of bad fabric and have seen it even in quilt shops, when I can afford to shop at a quilt shop its   a wonderful treat for me but I am on a very fixed income. I do shop joanns and hancocks etc they have nice fabric and great deals and I would never trade poor quality fabric , I believe you should trade as what you would want in return =) So always give the best I can buy in fabric.  Ann Sexton
Thank you for this post. I was beginning to think that I would no longer participate for fear that someone wouldn't think the fabric was not good enough. I usually get my material on line or at JoAnn's or LQS and always swap 100% cotton. I have been very happy with the fabrics I've gotten in return and like you said there is always something it can be used in. I am sorry that some have been dissatisfied.

I know there has been alot of ladies who have been hesitant about swapping because of that reason...and I don't want to see some of you, like myself who can't run to a quilt shop or order online everytime we want to be in a swap. I have found some nice fabrics at Joanne's myself...which are 100 % cotton. Hope to see you ladies join in the Fall Leaf swap.

thanks for your comments.



Thank you for your post, I hope you do not feel that I overstepped my boundaries, but it seems like you you possibly get a lot more swappers if this silly fear isn't held over their heads, I mean, I even was nervous when I sent in fabrics last time if they were going to be good enough AND I bought some of them at a quilt shop, but some of the others I had in my stash and couldn't remember where I bought them.  Honestly, one of the reasons I have enjoyed the swaps I have joined lately is I have quilted for almost 30 years and up until last summer I worked full time pretty much all that time also.  As of last summer I can no longer work and have A LOT more time for quilting, but my fabrics are boring, some of them I've had for a few years.  I thought if I'd mix them in with some new stuff in a swap I'd maybe nd up liking what I end up with instead of what I have now.  Then I read the snobbery and I just couldn't help myelf, I apologize and I promise I will try to control myself from now on.  Thanks again.  I have a lot of beautiful leaf fabrics, some are newer some are older, I have more than enough right now to swap, but I'm still going to think about it. 


You know what Loretta...I would love to swap with you.  I am trying to get my stash swapped around and get some diff. fabrics from diff. people.  When I make my quilt for my bed I can say where they all came from.  I haven't been able to quilt for sometime, but once my surgery is done...and Im healed out  I miss it.  I have a couple bone spurs on my neck and have to be careful. Very painful at that..but the good lord gives me the grace to keep pushing on as much as I can bare.  I'm on yes I have some issues..but I try to do things I love and right now this is all I can do.  I want others to join in on the fun too.  I can't afford alot of expensive fabrics either, but I do try to get nice pieces.   I wouldn't intentually send out bad fabric myself either.  To me a beautifully made quilt that washes up nice and stays together is what matters to me.  And hey if it needs a little stitching now and then...well I do know how to sew right...??lol Have a wonderful day my friend...hope to do some "Leaf" trading with ya...would love to.


Good morning girls... I hope everyone is feeling spry and spiffy this morn?????? Lets do some swappin should we?

Have a wonderful day all.

Big hugs...


You got that right Christine...I hope all is going well with you. Did you want to jump into the fall leaf swap with us...I could use a few more swappers on this one? have a good night and hope to hear more from you. Haven't heard much from you lately. take care...

I would love to swap  some of my stash as well for different , even different parts of the country have different looking matierial, and o have all kinds, any color, tell me if u have a preference, nad not quality but design, like i love purple, but i want all colors not all purple, and i also love Christmas and , and i even have several Easter designs right now, in my stash, so I am open for swapping , fats, charms, scrappy s , your choice, i will cut are just get out of bag,just let me know

Thank you Diana.  If anyone is/was not happy with any of the charms that I sent, I would like to know and will replace them.  This was my first swap ever and I was concerned about a couple of fabrics but I had used them myself for appliqueing.  In the future I will do better. Happy quilting everyone.  Oh my, I just realized this post is a year old.  Oh well what I said still applies. :)

And so the "Quality" ordeal has started again? I agree with Diana's Sept post, we are here to have fun. I inherited material from my grandmother a few years ago that I know for a fact a few pieces are at least 35 years old, and some even older than that, and the quality is still as good today as the day she bought it (which was usually at JCPenney back in the day when they sold fabric). I have a quilt that some of the pieces are 55 years old and the rest of them are 34 years old. It hasn't faded nor has it grown thin, even after all these years of washing.

I've bought material at a few "quilt shops" in the past. Only for the simple reason it was a pattern that I absolutely fell in love with. It did however Irk me to pay $10 - $13 a yard. I have never had a problem with material I've bought at JoAnn Fabric or any of the other retail outlets I've used. I for one, won't be joining any swaps where I'm mandated to buy my material at "Quilt Shops".

thank you for showing that again Troi....theres alot of us who can't afford that high end fabric. 

Thank you both, Diana and Troi, I also am unable to afford "Quilt Shop" Fabric.  I enjoyed all the swaps that I participated in last year and thank all the participants for everything I received from them.  Due to the issue of the fabric quality, I am not sure if I will be participating in future "group swaps".  Diana and Troi it would be my pleasure to swap blocks, fabrics and or other items with you.  If some of you other ladies don't mind fabrics of lesser quality than "quilt shop", then perhaps we can swap also.  Diana and Troi, thank you both for all of your hard work and kindness.  May you and yours have a prosperous and peaceful year.


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