I too am really glad to find a group of people who hand quilt. I quilt almost every day, and it is hilarious to me that most people don't get it  what I am doing.  I tell them I am hand quilting a vintage quilt top, that someone made over 50 years ago, and  then that blank look comes over their faces. They watch, then they say, so you made that quilt???  No, I say.........

Anyway, I hope to be able to share and learn from this group

I guess one of my first questions is what type of frame do you use? I have a Norwood, and I love it. I am searching for another ( used) or something similar. I see one by Grace that is square, do any of you use this and how do you like it ? The square shape seems like it might have its merits.

Do any of you only quilt vintage quilt tops?   thanks   janie.

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Yes I agree, about the rust, I am in Cozumel Mexico right now and I have worried about the rust, but I have new pins and they are working fine. Also I can reposition a pin as needed, and they serve as a great marker,   Almost  There!! they shout! do a little more tonight!!! they say!  finish this part.......then you can rest.  I live in Estes Park Colorado in the summer and we do not worry about rust there either,  dry dry dry.. unless my doggie pee pees on the edge of a quilt.... I foster a lot of incorrigible dachshunds.... no control whatsoever!

lollol...you are too funny! i thought i was the only that added speaking pesonalities to my little inanimate play toys! :))

Janie, l had to give up a full frame yrs. ago when l had kids, and their storage needs took over my sewing space, so l purchased an oval hoop that sits on the floor with legs( l too keep my foot on a rung to keep from tipping.) l found it also works well off it's legs as just the hoop( especially on cool days, sitting with feet up on sofa, quilt spread over me as l stitch). Next l purchased a large round hoop at garage sale, less repositioning for those larger blocks. Now that family's grown, and l can use the den, l use an abs white plastic floor frame,24 x 36. The snapon rails are very convenient, and when not in use, it comes apart easily. lf you work from the center out on this one, you don't really need to baste( although l usually do on queen size). l use safety pins to " roll up " the edges on any quilt l hoop or use on abs frame to keep batting/edges clean ( and away from curious kitties).

I have one of those pvc ones that I have not used yet, a great garage sale find! I love my round Norwood frame/hoop stand it is about 26 inches and fully tiltable and turns like a steering wheel, the most convenient one I have ever used, looking for another one similar, and have wondered about the square type that are on a ball like the NOrwood. I just saw some elastic straps that might work better for keeping it off the floor( away from my little boy dachshunds who love to mark stuff) but I am in Mexico till April and can't order them to be shipped here. I tried making some myself,  works great but I don't want to put any stress with safety pins on these delicate vintage fabrics, I have ripped them before... not good.  Thanks, hope to be talking to you again, isn't hand quilting great, I can't imagine any other way!

agreed! i do fmq on my domestic machine...but for my special projects and personal enjoyment, hand quilting is my most favorite quiet time activity. i use a large oval hopp in my lap with both feet propped up...helps to take pressure off lower spine where i have a lot of damage from a lifetime of spinal disease. i have always felt that inspite of the physical challenges that i have had to deal with over the course of my life...if there is something i want to do..like sitting and doing hand work of whatever kind...i will find a way to do it! and be comfortable too. :))

I wish there were a like button on this thread! I like talking to you all! It sounds like none of us are spring chickadees and all have had some body part failures... oh well, most, many, of my parts still work ....  for now!

Maybe we could find each other on Facebook - if you put in nancy chaddick - it should bring you to my page. No, spring chicken is not what I would consider myself - in fact, today is my 67th birthday - so, even though I hate to admit it - I'm quite a ways past middle age. However, my maturity level is still somewhere around junior high!!

:(( ...this is maybe the first time i have felt bad about my boycot of facebook and other sites like it. too much trouble and bad press. game invites ladden with virus' ..sorry. would be fun otherwise. i do chat though if anyone else does that. there is a chat module we can add here. and since i have been a chat fanatic from the beginning, i tried it out. for a while. but no one else ever went there. so i removed it from my mqp page.
i enjoy visitng with you and the others also janie. that is why i find myself here at mqp so often. it has been such a nice place to lurk & sometimes log in and visit while i have been so ill the last several weeks. three cheers for mqp!!

Yes I think I am going to enjoy this. I can't find you Nancy, on FB, have had this happen before, look for me  Janie Robertson  ( I have 2 accounts, either is fine) I have been off FB for a week now in protest, and let my weakness get the better of me now I am back on! But I deleted about half of my contacts.. the FB page is serene now, no arguments and politics. Happy Birthday Nancy. look for me. and maybe we should explore the chat thing here on mqp.


Oh My! I just bought a Norwood yesterday, I was wondering could you tell me how to set up the fabric.

Thank you so much,



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