I too am really glad to find a group of people who hand quilt. I quilt almost every day, and it is hilarious to me that most people don't get it  what I am doing.  I tell them I am hand quilting a vintage quilt top, that someone made over 50 years ago, and  then that blank look comes over their faces. They watch, then they say, so you made that quilt???  No, I say.........

Anyway, I hope to be able to share and learn from this group

I guess one of my first questions is what type of frame do you use? I have a Norwood, and I love it. I am searching for another ( used) or something similar. I see one by Grace that is square, do any of you use this and how do you like it ? The square shape seems like it might have its merits.

Do any of you only quilt vintage quilt tops?   thanks   janie.

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Janie - it is fun to find people who do hand quilting and therefore know what we're about and what we do. I have done a number of vintage quilt tops and renovated several quilts; right now I predominately make scrap quilts from my extensive stash from 40+ years of making clothes for myself, my kids, and now grandkids. I have a large Hinterberg floor frame which I've used for 20 years - however, the last 3 quilts I've done have been on a Quilter's Resources or American Heritage 14-16" hoops. I'm fascinated with the Barnett "hoops" that are square. These I currently just hold in my lap - the Barnett has a stand the hoop would attach to by magnets.   Hopefully soon I'll have pictures of the most recently finished quilt (should finish this next week) and the one I'll be starting to quilt next. Welcome to our quilt place.

Thanks!  good to talk to you.  I have had a Norwood for about 21 years, and love it, am currently trying to find another on Ebay, I missed one this week. Norwood went out of business.. I saw the Grace  square ones and thought that shape might be better. I love the way the NOrwood turns like a steering wheel, very easy to quilt with. I have a pvc rectangle one that I bought at a garage sale, but have not used it yet, due to space restrictions, someday I will have a room to do this in! I only do the vintage quilts and have quite a collection of unfnihsed and finished ones,  just bought 3 more this week on ebay.  Everyone thinks that piecing is the most fun part, but it is not for me! I am not that precise or perfect!

Hope to chat with you again and see some of your photos.  Right now I am finishing up a double wedding ring, but I love to find unusual and unknown patterns out there, and I have found many of those.  see ya around! janie


Hi Janie, I use a Hinterberg Lap Hoop. Someday I hope to hand quilt some of my 1930s vintage quilt tops.

Hi, you should do some of your vintage tops, I find I get very attached to them and think often of the long dead woman who must have put so much love into making this piece of art. Hope to chat again !

Janie - I'd never thought about buying the vintage tops from ebay - that's an idea. However, my family and some friends already have "orders" in for tops they want to see me do. Guess I'll just have to keep doing what I do. The Hinterberg lap hoop is great, too.

Nancy, you should definitely not buy any from ebay!!! ( because you and I might get into a bidding war!) hah   I also buy from flea markets, estate sales and antique shows .On ebay you are never sure what you are getting. I bought one last fall that looked great, but it was so skewed, there is no fixing it, so now I have a cutter. You never know... and the bidding can get fierce...

Janie - is the Norwood you have a floor stand frame? I've seriously considered one - but am always afraid they won't be stable enough to quilt large quilts on. The Grace and the Barnett both would mean sitting so I keep a foot on the frame to help hold it in place.

Yes they are floor stands, mine is a 28 or 30 inch hoop, very sturdy but they quit making them several years ago.  I have quilted at least 20 large quilts on it, this is the sturdiest brand I have ever seen, and when not in use, it tilts up so your work looks like a piece of art in the corner!  No foot needed on this frame. Maybe we should talk to NOrwood about making a comeback!

Think that would be a great idea - I do think I'm going to consider seriously one of the Barnett floor stands - with a larger hoop, too. The fact that the hoop would rotate is great - and that they come in square designs, too.  Guess I'll have to forego ebay - ha! I have so much fabric on hand - it will take me another century to get all the quilts made that I have in my brain.

Nancy, I can't find you on facebook, but did on pinterest, but I don't follow pinteret much. I typed in your name exactly.  I have had this problem before.  Can you find me  and join me on  FB   Janie Robertson.  I have two accounts, but the one of me in a white dress with pink flowers all around is the one I use while I am in Mexico.    Happy Birthday girl, !!!

I would love to connect with you.

janie - I couldn't find you either - a couple of friends suggested you type in nancy chaddick clovis new mexico and you might have better luck. It's a shame we can't find a way to connect!!

ARe you the Dripping Springs Janie Robertson? I can find you there on FB.


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