I'm Loes and I live in The Netherlands. I'm married and mother of 6 children.

I started quilting in 2006. My youngest daughter, Nina, is born with a brain injury and she needed a new bottom for her bigger play pen. So I searched the net and I found something about patchwork and quilting. I decided to make one myself. That was my first quilt.

Now I've made 7 quilts and my last quilt is a photo mosaic quilt of my daughter Nikita.
This quilt is accepted to the European Quilt Championships in May 5-8 in Veldhoven.

I love this site and I hope to learn a lot from you.


My last quilt "Nikita"

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What a beautiful quilt! And a beautiful girl. It's nice to meet you. We have five children, and I made my first quilt for my oldest daughter. She's a school teacher and she wanted a quilt that represented the underground railroad. The things we do for our children :o)

Hello Susan,


Thank you. Nice to meet you too. Children are important to me, because they makes me feel young.

Loes, I'm curious, how do you pronounce your name?


Most days my children make me feel young, but I have to admit, some days chasing after them makes me feel old!

Hi Susan,

The oe is like the o in loser.

Yes your right, some days I would like to put them behind the wallpaper.

If you like you can read the story of our youngest daughter, Nina.

I hope you understand the story, because English is not my first language of course.


Loes, What an amazing story! You are a fabulous mother to work so hard with Nina and to push with the doctors to be sure she gets the right care. The early pictures of your daughter Cecca look just like my daughter Becca when she was 4 or 5 (she's 21 now). The hyperbaric chamber sounds like a really neat type of treatment with great results. Thank you for sharing this story.

This is a beautiful quilt! Such talent!

I read the story of your daughter from the link beow. God bless you and your family. I bet you find a lot of comfort in quilting.

As I was reading the link I smiled when I read Leiden. I am a teacher in the USA. I live in Massachusetts. The "pilgrims" from England started Plymouth colony in Massachusetts in 1620. I teach my children abou their time in Leiden before they came here. A street in Plymouth today is Leiden Street.

Hi Karen,

How nice. I'm born in Leiden on Februari 1, 1963. I grew up in a village next to Leiden, named Oegstgeest.

If you ever have questions, maybe I can help you. My wish is to go to the USA since I was a little girl. The mill you see is named Mill De ValkEvery year The Pelgrim Fathers will be remembered with Leidens Ontzet on October, 3th.


I hope we can meet eachother one day.



I live about a one hour car drive from Plymouth, Massachusetts. if you make it to the USA I would love to meet you.

I can't wait to print these photos and share them with my students. I would be very curious to know what Holland teaches your students about our "pilgrims."

The pictures you sent were beautiful. Any photos you have of Leiden can be sent to me at work: kmagnant@millbury.k12.ma.us      


I can see you and I could become good friends...between history and quilting and motherhood we have things in common. I was born in 1959 so I am a little bit older than you.


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